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E-reading SaaS wars next to e-reader wars

Monday’s announcement from Amazon, Free Kindle for Android App Now Available [June 28], has generated quite a stir on the web. My time duration (of the first 24 hours) and subject specific search brought back ~277 000 hits. From these I … Continue reading

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WiMAX/WiBro TD-LTE and LTE in general

See also: Mobile Internet (Aug’11) which is a total update on Aug 26, 2011 with a lot of additions to the original July 19, 2010 content on the following subjects: – LTE and LTE Advanced — HSPA Evolved (parallel to … Continue reading

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Mobile search SaaS battle

Excellent essay on the subject by Krishna Subramarian on TechCrunch: Clash of the Titans: The Battle To Become The Mobile Search Leader. The essence is well summarized in the introduction: Mobile search is still one of the big unclaimed prizes … Continue reading

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Microsoft strengths for the PC -> cloud transition

Great interpretations of the recently published Microsoft by the numbers post in TechCrunch: Decoding Microsoft’s Fantastic Passive-Agressive Numbers Post. To understand the real short-term perspective on Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 based clients for the cloud read my another … Continue reading

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Intel SoC for Cloud Clients

While ARM system-on-a-chips (SoCs) are dominating the fast growing cloud client segment (smart phones, tablets, e-readers etc.) Intel has finally begun marketing his 1st generation Moorestown to generate design wins needed for next year’s Medfield 2nd generation SoC “product delivery en-mass” … Continue reading

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Server CPUs designed for the cloud

AMD Opteron 4100 processors (announced availability this week) represent a new class designed for the cloud. Imagine a 12-core server node at 100% utilization drawing just 130W. That is less than 11W/core at the platform level! (Supporting information for that). … Continue reading

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Rising glocalisation. Glaring new examples of the Craigslist and Meetup category from Most Exciting Part of Web Isn’t ‘World Wide’.

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