“4G” WiMAX vs. 3.75G HSPA+

See also: Mobile Internet (Aug’11) which is a total update on Aug 26, 2011 with a lot of additions to the original July 19, 2010 content on the following subjects:
– LTE and LTE Advanced — HSPA Evolved (parallel to LTE and LTE Advanced) — Heterogeneous networks or HetNets — Femtocells and Picocells — Qualcomm innovations in all that — Ericsson’s LTE Advanced demo — Current roadmaps on evolutions of current 3G+ broadband mobile networks

T-Mobile has just launched its 3.75G HSPA+ service in the US, which they wrongly call 4G (compare to the core information on Mobile Internet where standards are covered properly). See: T-Mobile USA: More HSPA+ [July 21]. Speedwise -however- they are on par or even better than the current “4G” service from Sprint.

PhoneScoop has published the results of their comprehensive testing 6 weeks ago. T-Mobile USA HSPA+ service has been found better on a download, upload and latency basis (especially on the last two).

… Sprint’s WiMAX network and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network delivered roughly similar download speeds, just shy of 3 Mbps on average. These are real-world, average speeds, not ideal numbers skewed by a marketing department. 3 Mbps is easily twice as fast as your typical real-world speed with 3G, and faster even than many home DSL connections. …

See: 4G Networks Tested: WiMAX vs. HSPA+ [June 4]: IntroThe Numbers Equipment Summary

What was a quite interesting finding -however- that T-Mobile’s earlier HSPA 7.2 Mbps network service wasn’t much slower than HSPA+ or 21 Mbps.

One curious data point was comparing T-Mobile’s HSPA+ with their own HSPA 7.2 (slightly older 3G [correctly: 3.5G]) technology. If you just look at the theoretical peak numbers – 7.2 vs. 21 Mbps – you might think HSPA+ is almost three times faster than HSDPA 7.2. You’d be wrong. We compared them extensively, in all six locations. In our tests, the difference was small. At best, our webConnect Rocket USB stick with HSPA+ was only 15% faster than a standard webConnect USB stick with HSPA 7.2.

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