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If you need a complete technical understanding of the subject then go to my (long) post having in background several other posts on this site:
Microsoft on five key technology areas and Windows 8 – UPDATED [Dec 15, 2012] with full content up to delivery and change of command [May 24, 2011Dec 15, 2012]

If you need the best introduction available on YouTube for new users then watch this 25 minutes long video:
The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video – Who moved my Windows 8 Cheese? – YouTube [Scott Hanselman YouTube channel, Jan 11, 2013]

[Scott Hanselman:] I created this calmly paced 25 minute video to give new users to Windows 8 a near-complete understanding of the major features including the Start Screen, Hot Corners, Full Screen Apps, Desktop Apps, The Store, Browsing, Doing Social Stuff, using the Mouse effectively and exploiting keyboard Shortcuts. Feel feel to share this video with Mom, Dad, your school or anyone who is feeling confused, frustrated or ineffective when using Windows 8

Some additional information from the author:
The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video [Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen, Jan 12, 2013]

A few months ago while sitting at a Burger King (yes, I know) I recorded a video on “How to use Windows 8 in 3 minutes” and threw it up on YouTube. It’s been viewed nearly a half million times. Eek. It’s got poor audio, and it’s WAY too fast. I did it on a goof. However, people keep showing it to family and friends.

A man emailed me after sending it to his elderly uncle and let’s just say that the uncle wasn’t impressed with the speed of the video either. It’s great for geeks but not for normal people.

So tonight I took a few hours and did a new video that I’m VERY happy with and I hope you enjoy it. It’s clean, clear, and only 25 minutes long and it explains, I believe, Windows 8 and its changes for anyone with basic Windows experience.

I hope you like it and you share it with family and friends. Also check out the related posts at the bottom.

<the video already available above>

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