By public interest (Top 10 posts only having 16.7% of the overall views since June 23, 2010, while those 10 posts are out of total 348 posts, i.e. 2.9% of all posts):

which subjectwise corresponds to:

By geography:

In absolute number of views as of Nov 13, 2013 (since June 23, 2010, relative to #1 United States constituting 16% of the total views):


Relative to the size of the population of the countries (Top 22 only, 54.6% of the total views, the mean value of views per million of the population for those countries overall is 56 vs. 3.3 for the rest of the world, and 42.1 for the whole world):

imageNote that Hungary is my home country (just 2% of the total views)

By my own intent:

Till this day my orginal intent is as is described on Welcome! and Home Page/Archive (which are actually the same page having had so far 7.3% of the total views):

You came to a trend tracking website maintained by Sandor Nacsa from Hungary.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are fast changing from a computer-centered era of the past 60+ years into a new one based on an ICT cloud where the resources shared by everybody are behind the so called cloud covering smaller or bigger data centers, different hosting centers, or even servers in your closet connected to the Internet. All fueled by 3.5G/3.9G, SoC & reflectivity. See the links on the right sidebar:

The current tag-cloud of the blog is clearly showing what subjects to what degree were necessary to achieve that intent:


Since 83.3% of the views (those outside of the Top 10) were related to 97.1% of the posts, there is no surprise that the Top 10 posts are extremely focussed on SoC technology for mobile devices, especially for smartphones, while the overall subject area was significantly wider. It is even more so as the evolving cloud experience is based exactly on those SoCs and devices.


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