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Windows 10 is here to help regain Microsoft’s leading position in ICT

My verdict: The 3 phase launch strategy is almost flawless, as well as the functionality of the product. So the remaining question is whether the execution will be as flawless or not? July 29, 2015, BBC News: Microsoft boss Nadella on … Continue reading

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Embedded Android — A VIA Technologies Strategic Direction in addition to its earlier joint CPU venture with the Shanghai government

– Nov 12, 2012 – July 11, 2014: Can VIA Technologies save the mobile computing future of the x86 (x64) legacy platform? for preliminary reading on this blog – October 8, 2014: Coming very soon from Centaur Technology: A Leap Ahead in Chip Design as a … Continue reading

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Qualcomm’s alignment with latest developments in China via downsizing, Allwinner and Microsoft collaboration

July 22, 2015: Qualcomm to cooperate with Microsoft, Allwinner for entry-level mobile device market by Digitimes Research Qualcomm aims to ramp up its penetration in the entry-level mobile device market by cooperating with Microsoft to launch low-cost Windows Mobile 10 products, … Continue reading

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Microsoft Cloud state-of-the-art: Hyper-scale Azure with host SDN — IaaS 2.0 — Hybrid flexibility and freedom

[v0.7 yet] Microsoft is poised to bring its market leading cloud technology to private and hosted clouds with the upcoming Windows Server 2016. While the server product with all the planned additions is not available yet (a test build is due out … Continue reading

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Microsoft: With a move to a Windows ecosystem strategy the prospects for the Phone Hardware segment are below original expectations, so the full cost of the Nokia Devices and Services acquisition is written off now + Changes to the mapping business + Selling display advertisement via AOL + Expansion of programmatic advertising via AppNexus

IMPORTANT: This does not mean that Microsoft is exiting the phone business. Not even in the sense of manufacturing. Just the opposite is true. In my June 23 – December 20, 2013 post I was quessing whether Nokia becoming the next … Continue reading

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MediaTek CorePilot™ 3.0 with Tri-Cluster™

Follow-up on this same blog: 16nm / DDR4! MediaTek Helio X30 / X22 Exposure [Aug 10, 2015] June 25, 2015: MediaTek’s latest advancement – CorePilot 3.0 – expands further with Tri-Cluster support for three distinct processor levels: Minimum, Medium and Maximum which performs … Continue reading

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