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Nokia should introduce an Android forked smartphone for the $75-120 range in order to enhance its Asha Software Platform strategy

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In order to increase its presence in the sub $120 market (see Lumia 520 for Rs. 8850, i.e. US$ 144 in India, and US$121.5 in China) it is obvious that Nokia should take the next step in its Asha Software Platform Strategy with its recent stance being the following one:

More information: Q3’13 smartphone and overall mobile phone markets: Android smartphones surpassed 80% of the market, with Samsung increasing its share to 32.1% against Apple’s 12.1% only; while Nokia achieved a strong niche market position both in “proper” (Lumia) and “de facto” (Asha Touch) smartphones [‘Experiencing the Cloud’, Nov 14, 2013]

That is a definite gap exists in Nokia offerings between US$75 and US$120. Also this gap could only be filled with an Android forked offering only. Therefore we should (first time during the whole existence of this trend-tracking blog) take seriously the ongoing rumors about such an offering, the so called Nokia Normandy project., despite all uncertainties of not only the Microsoft takeover of the Nokia device business, but also the uncertainties about the next CEO of Microsoft and the company strategy in smartphones which will come as the result of that selection.

I should include here the latest summary about that from Wikipedia as it “is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy”:
Nokia Normandy [Wikipedia excerpt, Jan 17, 2014]

The Normandy, previously known as ‘Project N’, the ‘Asha on Linux project’ and “MView”, is a low-end Android device under development by Nokia.

Described as a potential “game changer”,[1] the project has garnered substantial interest from the media, including coverage from New York Times,[2] Engadget,[3]Stuff,[4] Forbes,[5] Gizmodo,[6] The Verge,[7] CNET[8] and The Times of India.[9]


Despite choosing the Windows Phone operating system for its smartphones (The Lumia series), Nokia had experimented with the Android platform in the past. Images of a Nokia N9 running Android 2.3 were leaked in 2011. They were believed to be likely genuine, as Steven Elop had mentioned Nokia had considered Android in the past.[10]

On 13 September 2013, the New York Times writer Nick Wingfield revealed that Nokia had been testing the Android operating system on its Lumia hardware, and a second project, known as ‘Asha on Linux’ used a forked version of Android without Google services.[2]

The Chinese technology site CTechnology revealed that, despite the announced merger of Nokia’s handset division with Microsoft, development of the project was continuing until November and 10,000 prototype units had been manufactured by Foxconn containing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8225Q chip.[11]

However, a new report by Tom Warren from The Verge on 11 December 2013 showed the Asha-like device, codenamed ‘Normandy’ for the first time, stating that despite the finalisation of the acquisition, development of the device is continuing.[7] AllThingsD suggested that Microsoft may not actually axe development on the device.[12]

A further report by CTechnology on the 14th December claims that the device development had been halted, along with an Android-based 7-inch Snapdragon 400 tablet. The two projects were, it was claimed, to have been created by Nokia’s CTO division which is not being acquired by Microsoft, with Peter Skillman, the head of UX Design, at the helm of the UI design. The report claims wearable devices are the new focus of the CTO division.[13][14][15]

A further leak by @evleaks showed a press image with several colour options for the phone.[16]

According to NokiaPowerUser, the device is dual-sim with a 4-inch display, stating that the model number is RM-980, and has a 640×360 resolution.[17] In a second report, they suggest the device may be a member of the Asha range as team was headed by Egil Kvaleberg (from Smarterphone) and UI lead by Peter Skillman (who worked on the Asha Platform‘s Swipe UI).[18]

A tweet by @evleaks on 31 December 2013 stated that “The reports of Normandy’s death have been greatly exaggerated“.[19]

A leak on the ITHome technology website showed a blurred image of the phone, and the app drawer of its’ UI in operation, confirming it is a dual sim device. However, no Nokia logos were found on the device.[20]

@evleaks later posted screenshots of the UI, showing the lock screen and Skype in action.[21]

The device later showed up on the AnTuTu benchmark software as Nokia A110, with KitKat 4.4.1, a 5MP camera and an 854 x 480 display.[22]

Two new photos of the Engineering prototype were once again leaked, and the device is widely expected to be released at MWC 2014.[23] One shows a different app launcher to one in a previous leak, suggesting it is a placeholder.[24]

On 13 January 2014, a press photo showing the tile-like UI of the home screen was leaked,[25] and was accompanied by a screenshot of the Asha platform‘s Fastlane-style notification centre the next day.[26]

According to Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft is not keen on the idea, mentioning there are “too many politics” around the project. He claims, if it is released at all, it will have to be in February, before Nokia’s devices acquisition is finalised.[27]

Another source, speaking to TechnoBuffalo, in contrast, suggested Microsoft may use the device as a trojan horse to increase Windows Phone adoption.[27]


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