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5G WiFi with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Miracast™ from Broadcom for streaming content to UHD (4K) TVs as well

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If one has $17K to spend on LG’s 84LM960V UHD (4K) TV already equipped with Broadcom’s BCM43526 chip for 5G WiFi/IEEE 802.11ac transceiver functions, as well as some more for a ’2013 vintage’, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ capable, Android 4.2 smartphone having, for example, Broadcom’s BCM4335 chip for 5G WiFi™ 802.11ac among others (like the new HTC One to be available in March, or LG’s own ‘next generation’ device), then one can already have LG Ultra HD Streaming [TheVerge YouTube channel, Feb 25, 2013]:

LG is demonstrating its wireless Ultra HD transmission technology this week at Mobile World Congress. At the company’s booth I got a chance to walk through a gaming demo on an [LG] Android device that was displaying at 1080p on the phone, upscaling to 4K on the TV. The technology works by connecting over Wi-Fi and using the Miracast peer-to-peer wireless screencast standard, allowing you to simply stream what you’re seeing on the phone to a TV. The streaming was fairly smooth, but panning did cause some frame rate drops occasionally. I noticed that LG is keeping the phone brightness low on its own Android devices for this demo to ensure they don’t overheat, so it’s clear this is an early demo. Nevertheless, if LG and others can bring this technology to the masses in 1080p Android phones, then we’re looking at a future where a phone or tablet could truly be an all round gaming device that connects up to your TV.

A general UHD (4K) capability will come with smartphones having the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, as an example, when you will be able to play UHD (4K) video content on the smartphone and watch it in UHD (4K) on the UHD TV.

[Recognition] Credible Praise for LG Ultra HD TV by the Experts [WHY LG TV BLOG, Feb 28, 2013]

Best of Innovations 2013 – Video Display Category at CES 2013

“The 84LM9600 is the world’s largest Ultra Definition (UD) 3D TV delivering immersive entertainment in stunning ultra-definition with a combination of CINEMA 3D technology and Smart TV features.”

8/10 Rating by Digital Trends

“Bottom line: Higher pixel density makes images on the screen look more like reality than TV. Scenes of the bright blue Mediterranean looked so convincing; it was hard not to want to jump right in. The stars in night skies looked much more like stars – tiny pinpoints of light – than a smattering of blurry white spots.”

A Stellar Review from HDTV Solutions

“The picture quality of the LG Ultra HD TV is definitely a major step up from the output of a high-end 1080p HDTV. The difference can be startling when playing 4K content. But even when comparing playback of Blu-rays, the LG’s upscaling to 4K is noticeably better.”

Rated Excellent by AVForums

“Once you throw in LG’s reference Smart TV platform, two remotes, Game Play, built-in WiFi, well designed menus and exceptional calibration controls, you start to see a TV that can almost justify its hefty price tag. The huge nature of the screen isn’t reflected in the other dimensions, with the surrounding bezel measuring 3cm at the top, 2.5cm at the sides and 4cm along the bottom. The entire chassis is only 4cm deep, which is remarkable when you consider the screen size and how much technology is crammed inside.”

LG 84LM960V Ultra HD TV [LGBlogUK YouTube channel, Jan 3, 2013]

LG 84 inch ULTRA HD TV presents a whole new level of picture quality, boasting a resolution four times higher than Full HD. Naturally, it is incredibly immersive, vivid and crisp, even when viewed from close distances. Ultra High Definition TV is the future of TV viewing and brings the cinema experience home.


LG Electronics (LG) will showcase its industry-leading Wireless Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) Transmission technology for the first time at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 in Barcelona. This exciting next generation mobile feature enables users to view games and other smartphone content on Ultra HD TVs in real time, via wireless data transfer.

“Thanks to our innovative Wireless Ultra HD Transmission technology, users can now enjoy their favorite mobile content on today’s most advanced Ultra HD TVs,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “With the development of this cutting-edge technology, LG again confirms its industry leadership in the area of display and mobile convergence for a truly enjoyable viewing experience.”


Wireless Ultra HD Transmission technology makes the delivery of smartphone multimedia content to TVs faster and smoother than previous mobile video compression and transfer systems. With minimal lag and data loss, LG’s next generation mobile feature performs this feat using ubiquitous WiFi connections. During transmission, multimedia content is automatically adjusted to match the receiving TV’s screen resolution, resulting in flawless visuals.

What’s more, LG’s Wireless Ultra HD Transmission system consumes less than half the power of other similar transmission technologies. It achieves this by reducing the burden on the smartphone’s CPU and other hardware resources.

[CES 2013] LG Ultra HD TV [ElectoTube YouTube channel by LG, Jan 9, 2013]

Broadcom Powers First LG 5G WiFi Digital Televisions [Broadcom press release, Jan 7, 2013]

Heads to CES with Growing 5G WiFi Ecosystem; Enables LG Consumers to Stream HD Video Wirelessly from Mobile Devices to the TV

News Highlights:
-LG Electronics to offer the industry’s first digital televisions powered by Broadcom’s 5G WiFi
-New 5G WiFi digital televisions with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ enable consumers to escape the small screen and reliably stream HD-quality video onto larger displays
-5G WiFi delivers dramatic capacity, range and power benefits

2013 CES International —Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM), a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications, today announced LG Electronics has chosen Broadcom’s 5G WiFi technology, based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard, for use in select 2013 LG digital TV models. By adopting Broadcom’s BCM43526, LG Electronics is the first to enable consumers to seamlessly stream and share high-resolution content between mobile devices and smart TVs. Learn how Broadcom® innovation is enabling the Connected Life at home, at work, and on-the-go at Broadcom@CES.

“LG is leading the market with next-generation digital TV innovations that dramatically enhance the consumer’s viewing experience,” said Sangyeob Lee, LG Electronics Senior Director, TV Product Planning. “By adding 5G WiFi to our flagship Smart TV platforms, our customers will experience the fastest, most reliable wireless connectivity yet. Partnering with Broadcom allows us to raise the bar and be the first company to introduce the next generation of WiFi in our Smart TV platforms.”

“Last year at CES 2012, Broadcom introduced the industry’s first 5G WiFi chips and committed to enabling the adoption of the technology across all wireless product segments,” said Dino Bekis, Broadcom Senior Director, Product Marketing, Wireless Connectivity Combo. “Today marks yet another important milestone — the industry’s first 5G WiFi Smart TV. We’re thrilled to partner with LG to further expand the ecosystem of 5G WiFi products available to consumers and continue to drive rapid adoption of the technology.”

The increased reliance on wireless networks, the explosion of video consumption and the growing number of wireless devices are all putting stress on legacy 802.11a/b/g/n networks. As a result, consumers are prone to experience deteriorated performance such as choppy videos and slower load times, especially when streaming content from the cloud, smartphone or tablet to a digital TV. 5G WiFi dramatically improves home wireless range, providing higher-capacity video streaming, the ability to connect multiple devices to the network at the same time and broader coverage with fewer dead spots. It also reduces power consumption by up to 83 percent[1] in mobile devices, so consumers can go longer without having to plug in.

The average U.S. household has nearly 4.8 devices connected to the network[2]. Yet, sharing content between these devices can be complicated — and sometimes impossible. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast addresses this issue by allowing users to easily stream content wirelessly between devices. By incorporating the BCM43526 and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast into its newest digital TV products, LG Electronics is ensuring consumers enjoy fast, reliable connectivity between multiple devices in multiple places throughout the home.


LG Electronics’ new line of 5G WiFi digital televisions will be available in 2013 in various markets.

LG 4K 84-inch Ultra HD 3D LED HDTV: Abt Electronics [AbtElectronics YouTube channel, Jan 28, 2013]

Buy now: LG 84″ Ultra HD 3D 4K LED HDTV–84LM9600 $16999.00 4K Resolution (3840×2160)/ Local Dimming/ Triple XD Engine/ TruMotion 240Hz/ Resolution Upscaler Plus/ 2D To 3D Conversion/ Dual Play Gaming/ Dual Core Processor/ Magic Remote Voice/ Infinite Surround Sound/ 10,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio/ Home Dashboard 2.0/ 3D World (3D Content Streaming)/ Web Browser/ Wi-Fi Built-In/ Built-In ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM Tuner/ Includes Six 3D Glasses/ Black Finish http://www.abt.com/product/65819/LG-84LM9600.html

Broadcom 5G WiFi Powers New HTC One Smartphone [Broadcom press release, Feb 25, 2013]

Expands Ecosystem of 5G WiFi Products Available

  • HTC chooses Broadcom 5G WiFi technology in its newly launched HTC One smartphone
  • 5G WiFi delivers faster, more reliable wireless connectivity with significantly less battery drain

Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM), a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications, today announced HTC has chosen Broadcom® 5G WiFi technology in its new flagship HTC One device. By adopting the BCM4335, HTC is delivering the speed, reliability and power benefits of 5G WiFi in its newest smartphone. Visit Broadcom @ Mobile World Congress for more news.

“With the launch of the HTC One, we’re reinventing the mobile experience and setting a new standard for smartphones,” said Kouji Kodera, Chief Product Officer, HTC. “Our customers today are consuming more and more video on their mobile devices and expect a seamless streaming experience. Broadcom’s 5G WiFi delivers higher bandwidth and broader range so our customers experience the fastest, most reliable wireless connectivity yet — while also preserving battery power.”

The explosion of video consumption and the growing number of wireless devices being used are putting stress on legacy 802.11a/b/g/n networks. As a result, consumers are prone to experience deteriorated performance such as choppy videos and slower load times, especially when streaming content to a smartphone. 5G WiFi, which is based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard, improves the range of a wireless connection, providing higher-capacity video streaming, the ability to connect multiple devices to the network at the same time and broader coverage with fewer dead spots. Broadcom’s 5G WiFi also reduces power consumption by up to 83 percent[1] in mobile devices, so consumers can go longer without having to plug in.

“Broadcom continues to lead the transition to the next generation of Wi-Fi across all product segments,” said Michael Hurlston, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Connectivity Combos. “We’ve hit a major inflection point with 5G WiFi in mobile phones. Now consumers will be able to unlock the real benefits of the technology, especially when used with the many other 802.11ac products on the market today.”

The new HTC One powered by Broadcom 5G WiFi will be available globally through more than 185 mobile operators and major retailers in more than 80 regions and countries beginning in March. For more information on the HTC One, please visit the HTC Newsroom or Product Page.

[1] 5GHz 802.11ac running at 80MHz bandwidth as compared to 2.4GHz 802.11n running at 20MHz

From HTC One Specs [HTC microsite, Feb 19, 2013]

  • 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
  • NFC capable3
  • Compliant with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX™ enabled
  • Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n
  • DLNA® for wirelessly streaming media from the phone to a compatible TV or computer
  • Support consumer infrared remote control
  • micro-USB 2.0 (5-pin) port with mobile high-definition video link (MHL) for USB or HDMI connection (Special cable required for HDMI connection.)

Broadcom CEO Talks 4K TV, 5G WiFi [TheStreetTV YouTube channel, Jan 9, 2013]

Broadcom CEO Discusses Q4 2012 Results – Earnings Call Transcript [Seeking Alpha, Jan 29, 2013]

Scott A. McGregor – Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

… We have been shipping our 5G WiFi combo to lead customers and expect the [first 5G WiFi] smartphones to launch in the coming weeks. …

… I think the 5G WiFi will continue to grow significantly. That’s a new technology that has penetrated access points in 2012, and will roll out in the mobile handsets over the course of this year. That is likely to be the largest magnitude of the set. …

Miracast™ Makes a Splash with Partners at Mobile World Congress [Broadcom Connected blog, Feb 25, 2013]

The geek love for Wi-Fi Certified Miracast™, an innovative Wi-Fi standard that relies on a technology dubbed “wireless display mirroring,” seemed to be inevitable when we first started talking about it. The technology, which allows consumers to easily and seamlessly share media from one device to another over Wi-Fi, was designed for today’s multimedia lifestyles.

The Miracast technology standard is built on the premise that users have a ton of content on their smartphones and laptops – photos, videos and games, to name a few – that they’d like to engage with over a large screen. But for users to seamlessly transfer that content, the technology standard must reside in both the device and the display.

That’s where Broadcom comes into the game. Broadcom and its partners are looking to spur on Miracast adoption with software and hardware that aims to speed up the integration of Miracast into electronics, getting the technology to consumers faster.

At Mobile World Congress today, Broadcom is highlighting recent Miracast partnerships with top tech players and retailers — including Google (in Android 4.2), Intel, Roku, NVIDIA, Best Buy Stores and more.

Adoption is expected to pick up steam this year as Miracast shows up in PCs, smart TVs and gaming platforms worldwide, including products like the Nexus 4, some of LG Electronics’ TVs and Optimus G smartphones, Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone and others. Some 1.5 billion Miracast devices are expected to ship in 2016, according to ABI Research.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ is appearing in a range of televisions, tablets, handsets and more. Miracast makes it easy to display applications or video content from one Wi-Fi device on another, even when the devices are different brands. http://www.wi-fi.org/miracast

[Note the second demo at [1:07-2:08] which is by using an LG Optimus smartphone for wireless streaming.]

Broadcom’s contribution to the Miracast ecosystem is in the form of a robust, complete software stack that allows smartphone, display, smart TV and set-top box makers to roll out  the technology in their newest products.

Broadcom is also offering an off-the-shelf wireless dongle design that allows display makers to add Miracast to any device with an HDMI port — similar to the early products that helped bring Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to personal computers before the now-standard technologies were embedded. Best Buy is already selling Miracast-enabled video receivers in its online under its Rocketfish brand, featuring Broadcom’s technology.

Best Buy’s Rocketfish Miracast Video Receiver, Broadcom tech inside.

The standard has been promoted by the Wi-Fi Alliance and Broadcom since last year. In September, the Wi-Fi Alliance handpicked Broadcom’s technology for its Miracast test bed. And Miracast-enabled devices were all over the show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, with somebig-name CE players throwing their weight behind the standard to continue to drive adoption momentum.

Come by and see Miracast in action at:
Hall 3 (Hybrid Hall) Booth #3C14 Fira de Barcelona Gran Via

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Broadcom Drives Wireless Media Sharing Across Consumer Electronics Ecosystem [Broadcom press release, Feb 25, 2013]

Best Buy, NVIDIA and others adopt Broadcom Miracast™ solution

  • Broadcom is among first vendors to deliver end-to-end Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast solutions
  • Broadcom Miracast solution gains traction in PC, smart TV and gaming platforms   
  • Growth opportunity with more than 1.5 billion Miracast devices expected to ship in 20161
    Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM), a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications, today announced broad adoption of its Miracast solutions by industry leaders across a range of consumer electronics products. Visit Broadcom @ Mobile World Congress for more news.
    Broadcom offers the most complete Miracast software solution, enabling ultra low-latency gaming, 3D and 4K display formats and advanced content protection for reduced time-to-market across a broad and diverse set of platforms. Miracast, a Wi-Fi Alliance standard, transmits video over a robust wireless connection to allow consumers to stream movies, play games and access thousands of applications on a larger screen without delay or interruption.
    As a testament to its proven solutions, Broadcom Miracast-compatible devices are among the first to interoperate with wireless display on Nexus 4 as part of Android 4.2, Jelly Bean. Industry leaders, including LG Electronics and Nintendo, have selected Broadcom for its connectivity expertise and now have the ability to add Miracast capabilities to improve the experience of their users. Through strategic partnerships and product innovation, Broadcom is playing a pivotal role in delivering Miracast solutions to support a broad spectrum of consumer electronics products for immediate deployment.
    In addition to its Miracast software solution, Broadcom offers a portfolio of wireless HDMI dongle designs that includes its dual-band MIMO Wi-Fi device and high-performance media processor. This high-performance, USB-powered solution leverages 5GHz MIMO technology in a compact design that adds Miracast capabilities to existing consumer devices, simplifies upgrades and lowers total cost for OEMs.
    “Intel is excited to collaborate with Broadcom on their Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast HDMI dongle solutions. This collaboration enables consumers who have a PC, phone or a tablet featuring Intel® Wireless Display to enjoy their personal and online content on an even broader set of consumer devices,” saidKerry Forell, Intel WiDi Product Manager.
    Broadcom is extending its leadership as the first vendor to offer a wireless HDMI dongle design based on the IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, further reducing latency and enabling simultaneous high-definition video streaming across multiple devices.
    A range of Broadcom Miracast solutions are currently in production with major technology manufacturers and retailers.
      • Best Buy’s Rocketfish Miracast dongle is currently available at retail locations
      • Miracast support for NVIDIA Tegra 4-powered devices will be available in Q2 2013
        For ongoing news, visit Broadcom’s Newsroom, read the B-Connected Blog, or visit Facebook or Twitter. And to stay connected, subscribe to Broadcom’s RSS Feed.
        Patrick McGinnis, Vice President, Best Buy Exclusive Brands
        “Best Buy is dedicated to delivering technology products that provide more choice, value and improved experiences for our customers. As a leader in Wi-Fi innovation, Broadcom is an ideal partner for Best Buy as we introduce our Rocketfish dongle with Miracast technology for a new viewing and entertainment solution.”
        Matt Wuebbling, Director, Tegra Product Marketing, NVIDIA
        “Pairing NVIDIA Tegra processors with Broadcom’s leading wireless solutions will allow consumers to share photos, stream HD movies and play amazing games on the big screen seamlessly. We’ve worked closely with Broadcom to bring this groundbreaking wireless display technology to market.”
        Edgar Figueroa, CEO, Wi-Fi Alliance
        “We congratulate Broadcom on its Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast reference design as well as inclusion of its software in our test bed. Broadcom’s participation in the development of this program has been instrumental in the achievement of an industry-wide certification for this program.”
        Dino Bekis, Broadcom Senior Director, Wireless Connectivity Combo Group
        “As a leader across all segments of the Wi-Fi market, Broadcom is uniquely positioned to drive mass adoption of Miracast technology. The integration ofBroadcom’s solution into a broad-based foundation of devices from major consumer electronics vendors and retailers will allow consumers to simply and effortlessly share content across the continuously expanding environment of connected devices.”
        1 IHS iSuppli Research, Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ Press Release, September 12, 2012

        LG DWD-300 Miracast™ Certified Wireless HDMI® Adapter [trainofthoughtmkt YouTube channel, Feb 1, 2013]

        Check email, send a text, or use other apps, all while continuously playing a video or other content on a separate, larger screen with Dual Screen Dual Play. All you’ll need is the DWD-300 Miracast™ Certified Wireless HDMI® Adapter and a compatible smartphone.

        LG DWD-300 Wireless HDMI Adapter – LG Optimus G™ accessories from AT&T [AT&T, Jan 18, 2013]

        LG DWD-300 Wireless HDMI Adapter – LG Optimus G™

        Retail price     $99.00


        The LG DWD-300 is a lightweight Miracast™ Certified wireless HDMI adapter that uses Wi-Fi technology. Use the DWD-300 as a wireless AV accessory for devices that support the Wi-Fi protocol.

        You can view your phone’s content on a larger screen via a convenient Wi-Fi connection. Simply attach, connect, and enjoy! Scroll through an album, share a presentation, or play a video for the whole family. Use Dual Screen Dual Play (if supported by your phone) to check your email, send a text, or use other apps on your phone while playing a video on the larger screen.

        LG CES 2013 Press Event First Look – OLED TV, Google TV, 4K TV, and More! [TechSmartt YouTube channel, Jan 7, 2013]

        LG held their Press Event today at CES 2013. Most of the things they were allegedly supposed to release were predicted, but they threw a few curve balls. For starters and featured before the event, was the OLED TV. The quality and thin qualities it portrays are stunning. Up next was the Ultra HDTV, which is in 4K resolution. It again looks stunning, and comes in various sizes. New technology arose from LG with the Laser TV projecting clear video at 100-inches. The Google TV LG is now featuring looks a lot cleaner, and can preview success for the company. Built into the small, QWERT-enabled keyboard is voice-recognition and Android capabilities. For LG this Press Event was a success, and 2013 looks to be a positive year for South Korean company. Stay tuned to TechSmartt for in-depth demos on all of LG’s products!

        Broadcom Unveils World’s First UltraHD TV Home Gateway Chip [Broadcom press release, Jan 8, 2013]

        Opens 2013 Consumer Electronics Show With Game Changer for Big Screen and Internet Video Delivery in the Home

        News Highlights:
        – Enables UltraHD (4Kx2K resolution) TV into the home for dramatically improved picture quality on big screens
        – Supports HEVC video coding standard; reduces video bandwidth usage by 50 percent
        – Simultaneously delivers four transcoded HD video streams over IP for content on any screen
        – Delivers unprecedented 21000 DMIPs of application performance while protecting high-value content with web domain security features

        Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM), a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications, today announced the world’s first Ultra High Definition Television (UltraHD TV) video decoder solution on the market. Learn how Broadcom® innovation is enabling the Connected Life at home, at work, and on-the-go at Broadcom@CES.
        The BCM7445 is the first step to delivering UltraHD TV into the home with the performance and picture quality needed for the evolution in multi-screen connected home entertainment. Broadcom’s 28 nanometer (nm) ARM-based BCM7445 UltraHD video decoder solution, serving as the primary gateway to the home, delivers more transcoding, CPU processing performance and home networking throughput to support a greater range of applications such as video-on-demand (VoD), gaming, social media and web store applications. 
        UltraHD TV technology, formerly known as 4K, marks a major innovation in HD resolution. UltraHD TV screens display four times the resolution of today’s 1080p60 displays. The delivery of UltraHD TV requires a more efficient compression codec made possible by the use of the new High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard. HEVC speeds Internet video downloads giving operators and users the ability to download content such as movies in half the time and with higher quality video at 50 percent of the bit rate previously required.
        “The clarity and brilliance of UltraHD television is a significant step forward in viewing enjoyment and is the next true evolution in TV innovation,” said Dan Marotta, Broadcom’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, Broadband Communications Group.”By integrating HEVC, Quad 1080p transcoding, quad-core CPU, gigabit networking speeds and web domain security, Broadcom is enabling a dramatic improvement in the TV viewing experience while making UltraHD video delivery economics work for service providers.”
        HEVC, which will be known as MPEG-H or H.265, will be required to broadcast UltraHD content, notably major sporting events and Hollywood content,” said Michael Inouye, Senior Analyst of TV and Video, ABI Research.  “Next generation user experience, including 80 inch and larger displays, will be improved by the adoption of UltraHD and HEVC. The efficiency of HEVC will also enable additional services including faster IP downloads and the provisioning of VoD services over wireless networks.”
        Key Features:
          • Based on 28 nm process technology, the BCM7445 features the new Brahma15 21,000 DMIP CPU, four 1080p30 real-time transcoders and HEVC compression that delivers resolution up to 4096x2160p60.
          • The BCM7445 also features web domain security, an industry leading hardware security oversight to separate Internet services from premium broadcast content. This protects critical core network functions from malware threats, paving the way for operators to securely converge and deliver pay-TV programming and open Internet applications to subscribers for a web-based TV experience.
            Brahma15 Application Processing
            The Brahma15 is a 21,000 DMIP Quad-core ARMv7-A instruction set compatible multiprocessor. 32KB instruction and 32KB data caches per processor are backed by a shared 2MB L2 cache and feed the multi-issue, out-of-order superscalar 15-stage plus write back pipeline of the Brahma15. A 32KB read-ahead cache between the L2 cache and the memory controllers provides 8KB of read latency reduction per processor. The Brahama15 supports the ARM Trust Zone® security architecture, software virtualization and hardware virtualization by core for complete security isolation. Each core individually supports single cycle ARM NEON 128- bit vectors for software based media processing applications. The entire architecture supports Broadcom’s Nexus and Trellis software interfaces ensuring a seamless continuation of the home gateway and client experience.
            Samples of the BCM7445 UltraHD TV video decoder for the home are now available, with volume production expected in mid-2014. The BCM7445 will be demonstrated at Broadcom’s booth at 2013 CES International.

            Getting 4K with Broadcom’s HEVC Encoding – CES 2013 [TEKHD YouTube channel, Jan 11, 2013]

            Miracast™ Technology Brings Wireless Streaming to the Living Room [Broadcom Connected blog, Jan 3, 2013]

            Moving high-definition content from a small-screen device such as a smartphone or a tablet to a bigger screen, such as a TV or desktop computer, can be a challenge. But thanks to a technology standard that’s on the verge of going mainstream, those headaches are about to become a thing of the past.

            Meet Miracast™, a technology that CNET Australia has called “a near-perfect wireless streaming solution.” At next week’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, expect to hear about a growing number of devices that are outfitted with Miracast, which is actually a Wi-Fi standard that relies on technology dubbed “wireless display mirroring.

            The idea is for consumers to stream content between Wi-Fi connected devices seamlessly, without an intermediate box such as a router or gateway. Think of Miracast as a seal of approval for electronics devices so that problems with compatibility and interoperability become a thing of the past.

            The standard has been promoted by the Wi-Fi Alliance and Broadcom for some time. In September, the Wi-Fi Alliance handpicked Broadcom’s technology for its Miracast test bed.

            And some big name CE players have already signaled their support for Miracast, including handset and TV makers Samsung and LG.  Embedded companies also have hopped on board, including Intel, Ralink, Marvell, Texas Instruments, Realtek and MediaTek.

            CES 2013 LogoCES 2013 is likely to be Miracast’s true coming-out party with the industry, with hundreds of Miracast-enabled products on the show floor. Miracast is one of the top trends forecast by Broadcom at our December “Geek Peek.”

            At the show today, Broadcom is announcing partnerships with top tech players and retailers —including Google (debuted in Android 4.2), Roku, NVidia, Best Buy and more—to promote Miracast’s adoption.

            Broadcom’s contribution to the Miracast ecosystem is in the form of a robust, complete software stack that allows smartphone, display, smart TV and set-top box makers to roll out technology in their newest products. To further accelerate the adoption, Broadcom is also offering an off-the-shelf wireless dongle design that allows display makers to add Miracast to any device with an HDMI port—similar to the early products that helped bring Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to personal computers before the technologies were embedded

            Miracast is in its earliest stages of adoption. But, already, it’s prepared to meet the needs of next-generation home entertainment, including support for leading-edge 3D and Ultra HD display formats that allow seamless movie streaming, game play and access to thousands of apps—all over Wi-Fi.

            Just in Time for CES: Broadcom and Intel Team Up to Drive Wireless Display Adoption [Broadcom Connected blog, Jan 3, 2013]

            The volume of video being consumed over the Internet is growing at an exponential rate, representing about half of all global Internet traffic today and expected to reach 93 percent by 2015. At the same time, the number of devices consumers are using to watch video is also on the rise. Researchers estimate that approximately 4.8 devices are in an average U.S. household with a home network — nearly double from just four years ago.

            The challenge for consumers is how to share their content between devices. That’s where technologies such as Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi) come into play.

            Broadcom today became the first Wi-Fi silicon vendor with a license for Intel WiDi technology in PCs.  As part of this agreement, Broadcom will integrate Intel WiDi software onto its WLAN chips to help drive adoption of the technology in Ultrabook™ systems.  The multistream 2×2 Wi-Fi data rates in Broadcom’s chip coupled with Intel WiDi software will deliver a seamless, high-quality experience to users.

            Wi-Fi Display, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ and Intel WiDi are based on the same underlying technologies that allow you to do one very useful thing: easily stream content between two devices wirelessly. Those streams will become more commonplace this year as new standards for Wi-Fi-enabled devices eliminate interoperability and compatibility issues. Intel WiDi and industry standard Miracast are compatible technologies that improve the consumer experience for sharing video content between devices.

            Intel and its ecosystem partners have shipped more than 30 million Intel WiDi-capable notebooks. This agreement will help drive the proliferation of the technology across a much broader offering of notebook PCs. Learn more about Intel WiDi, or visit the Intel booth (Central Hall, Booth No. 7252) at the International Consumer Electronics Show, which is this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

            Broadcom Flames WiFi Display demo – Computex 2012 [FirstZoom YouTube channel, June 9, 2012]

            Sharing video content has become a daily event in many households, but many TV;s don’t have the ability to sync with handheld devices in any meaningful way to allow the media content to be streamed to the TV. That being said, TVs are expensive and most people will not buy a new tv simply to add this capability. Hence Flames, which allows devices to stream intelligently to your TV HDMI port via WiFi. The device is self contained with all the relevant software and hardware to enable your tv to become a multimedia hub immediately.

            5G W iFi Smartphone Technology [Broadcom whitepaper, July 2012]

            Mobile-to-Digital TV use cases are gaining traction as consumers begin using interactive gaming, streaming video, and remote control devices in a home. A key benefit is the ability to shift video from a small mobile screen to a larger one using peer-to-peer technologies like Wi-Fi Display and to support the increased throughput required for future video formats such as 2K4K (2048 × 4096 pixels) and 4K4K (4096 × 4096 pixels). With multiple high-resolution video devices connected to a digital TV, this presents a challenge for sustained WLAN throughput and range.

            5G WiFi provides a number of performance advantages compared to previous generations of Wi-Fi:

            • More than six times higher throughput than 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi devices
            • Significantly lower power consumption for a given data range
            • Improved range and elimination of fading by using antenna beamforming
            • Higher throughput at the same distance from an access point
            • Reduced interference from other wireless devices (uses 5 GHz frequency band)
            5G WiFi is not just a technology breakthrough — it enables new use cases and improves existing ones. In the previous generation of smartphones, high bandwidth applications such as HD video streaming are extremely limited due to low data rates. 5G WiFi breaks that barrier and allows media streaming from a handset to a digital television at data rates comparable to that supported by wired Ethernet connections. At the same time, 5G WiFi enables high-speed data and media synchronization, turning an hour-long backup process into a matter of minutes.
            5G WiFi also solves some of the longest-standing problems with Wi-Fi in smartphones. By reducing signal fading and lost connections, it significantly improves the Wi-Fi user experience. By reducing overall power consumption for large data transfers, it also extends battery life.
            In summary, 5G WiFi redefines the concept of a smartphone. Whereas today’s smartphone Wi-Fi users are limited to basic applications such as web browsing and e-mail, tomorrow’s 5G WiFi users will have a fullfeatured media center in their hands.

            Broadcom 5G WiFi solutions – Computex 2012 [FirstZoom YouTube channel, June 7, 2012]

            Dino from Broadcom introduced us to their new 5G WiFi router that was streaming simultaneously a total of four HD video streams, set up in the Computex arena, where WiFi was incredibly congested. 5G WiFi has amazing bandwidth and exceeds anything to be seen in 3G and 4G. The ramp up to 5G has started, with products from ASUS already, and by next year this time, 5G will be pretty common even in mobile devices.

            Broadcom and 5G WiFi [Broadcom technology site, July 25, 2012]

            Broadcom Delivers 5G WiFi
            Broadcom Delivers 5G WiFi
            Broadcom’s mission as a global innovator is simple – Connect everything. As a leader in semiconductor solutions, Broadcom boasts that 99.98 percent of all Internet traffic crosses a Broadcom chip, across vast lineup of products. Broadcom is investing in the advancement of 5G WiFi, a platform for IEEE 802.11ac, the standard behind the next generation of Wi-Fi. Broadcom recognizes that each previous generation has come in at the right time to address an inflection point in consumer needs. 5G WiFi is no different. It is here as a panacea for the video challenge and represents the continued commitment by Broadcom and the industry to meet wireless needs in both homes and workplaces.
            Bringing 5G WiFi to Market
            Bringing 5G WiFi to Market
            Broadcom introduced its family of 5G WiFi chips for access points and PCs at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012. Soon after, the world’s first 5G WiFi routers were unveiled by companies such as Netgear, Belkin and Buffalo Technologies, with others, such as ASUS and D-Link, soon following. At the Computex show in June 2012, ASUS announced the world’s first 5G WiFi laptop & motherboard, bringing the power of the next generation of Wi-Fi to the world of computing.
            In July 2012, Broadcom introduced the BCM4335, the industry’s first 5G WiFi combo chip for smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and other mobile devices. The new device extends Broadcom’s wireless connectivity leadership and establishes it as the first chip vendor to sample solutions based on the 802.11ac standard for every major Wi-Fi product segment. Smartphones and tablets powered by the new BCM4335, which are expected to hit shelves in Q1 2013, will allow consumers to reap the full benefits of 5G WiFi on both ends of the wireless connection.

            Broadcom Corporation_Unleashing the Power of the 5G WiFi Ecosystem [SUMMITFORUM2012 YouTube channel, June 18, 2012]

            Mr. Michael Hurlston Senior Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Combo Connectivity Line of Business Broadcom Corporation

            Tenda leads China’s Gigabit Wireless Age [Tenda press release, Nov 20, 2012]

            Tenda ® (Shenzhen Tenda Technology Co., Ltd), a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers and businesses, today announced the world’s fastest next-generation gigabit WiFi 802.11ac product series at the press conference jointly held with Broadcom®, the world’s leading chipmaker. Tenda, the first in China to launch the high-speed 802.11ac products, demonstrated its courageous commitment to leading innovation at the conference in the presence of over 130 guests from major news, media, government authorities and channels, etc.
            President and CEO of Tenda, Mr Dengping Quan, highlighted Tenda’s dedicated commitment to innovation and pioneers of the spirit of innovation. He said at the conference, the demand for high-performance routers operating in the less crowded 5 GHz band is growing significantly in China. By working with Broadcom, Tenda has consistently delivered an innovation pipeline of leading edge technologies designed to address the needs of today’s consumers in China. To improve and facilitate innovation processes, we spent huge sums of money to import IPD (Integrated Product Development), the most advanced product development process, from IBM and Agile IT systems from Oracle.
            Consistently investing in innovation and highly valuing the core technology, Tenda contributed a lot— the first to launch wireless terminal products, the first to introduce wireless 11n products in China, the first to launch portable wireless router and easy-to-install router, the first to…
            Marketing and Product Director Mr. Hongwei Wang from Tenda introduced the 11ac technology advantage: a remarkably higher transmission rate– up to 433Mbps for a single antenna, and up to 1300Mbps for 3 combined antennas; in the near future, multiple antennas operating in 160MHz will deliver speeds up to 3.47Gbps or even higher. Plus, the advantages of Tenda’s new products based on 11ac standards consist of faster throughput, higher capacity, stronger anti-jamming capability, fashion design and easy usage. Operating on 5G band, these Tenda new 5G WiFi products are designed to better meet the need of smart home entertainment center as well small and medium-sized enterprises, ideal for interference-free video streaming, including transmission from a router to TV device and between different devices.
            In 2007, Tenda pioneered to promote 11n products as replacement of the legacy 11g products. Now, Tenda has developed new 5G WiFi products that deliver the speed and reliability required for today’s evolving consumer needs. He gave details of Tenda new products at the conference and announced plans to upgrade the existing series routers to smart and easy to install routers (intelligently detect Internet connection type, intelligently diagnose network faults, intelligently connect to secondary uplink router), as well as to create the world’s most easy-to-install router. It also announced that Tenda will be the first to provide a free telephone service in the industry.
            Mr. Micheal Hurlson, Broadcom SVP and GM, Wireless Connectivity Combo described the cooperation with Tenda a win-win relationship and would deepen the strategic partnership. He said, Broadcom will keep its industry leadership and clearly focus on developing 5G WiFi chips. Chinese market is very important to Broadcom and Tenda is found unbelievable in terms of bringing new technology to market. Mr Dengping  Quan expressed that, Broadcom is an innovation leader in wireless field. Tenda will keep on close cooperation with Broadcom to bring the latest technologies into Chinese market.
            Broadcom’s 5G WiFi dramatically improves the wireless range in the home, allowing consumers to watch HD-quality video from more devices, in more places, simultaneously. The increased speed enables consumers to download web content from a mobile device faster and quickly synch large files, such as videos. Since 5G WiFi transfers the same volume of data at a much faster rate, devices enter low-power mode faster, which can result in significant power consumption advantages. Michael Hurlston, Broadcom SVP and GM, Wireless Connectivity Combo said, “China is rapidly emerging as a top consumer of IPTV services. As Chinese consumers turn to mobile devices to watch video over Wi-Fi, the need for an interference-free, clean wireless experience has become increasingly apparent. Tenda’s new 5G WiFi routers deliver the speed and reliability required for today’s evolving consumer needs.” He also predicted that by the year of 2014, 5G Wi-Fi technology will not only become standard on mobile terminals such as mobile phones tablet but also be widely incorporated into home appliances and medical equipment. Currently Broadcom’s 5G Wi-Fi chips has been applied in the field of routers, PC, tablet, phone, and more terminal devices equipped with 5G Wi-Fi technology are expected to be brought into ordinary people’s life by the end of the first quarter of next year.
            He also said that the broadcom technical advantages allow 5G Wi-Fi seamless roaming, remote control, situational awareness platform for applications such as home digital entertainment center. In order to allow better play 5G Wi-Fi charm, Broadcom also integrates other technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth, allowing better content sharing and multi-screen interaction.
            Mr Dengping Quan, President and CEO of Tenda, Mr Michael Hurlston, Broadcom SVP and GM, Wireless Connectivity Combo, Roundtable forum, Ms. Jackie Baon, Senior PL Manager of Mobile and Wireless, Dr. Jinqiao Chen, Secretary-General, Committee of Economic Experts of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, deputy chief engineer of Telecommunication Research Institute, Mr. Xiaoyong Liu, deputy chief engineer of the State Radio Monitoring Center Testing Center,  Mr. Li Chen, director of category management, Amazon (China), Mr. Ning Lu, Purchasing Director, Gome, and Mr Zixiang Zhang, President of Henan JHD Network Technology Co., Ltd. Etc joined a  splendid discussion at the roundtable forum.
            Below presents an overview of Tenda’s new 5G WiFi retail products including the W1800R, W80E and W900U.

            Tenda 5G WIFI [TendaSupport YouTube channel, Feb 18, 2013]


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              Holy crap, Nacsa! That’s quite the compilation you’ve amassed in this article. Good job! Just one nitpick, you highlighted the HTC One’s DLNA over 802.11ac ability, but DLNA is not Miracast.

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