Future selling at CES 2013: 3D without glasses, Ultra HD (4K) TV, transparent display, multiscreen convergence, and upgradable smart TV – only Google TV and Gorilla Glass 3 are not

This year CES is more about future selling than any time before. Only Google TV does look like as coming into the regular TV products as a vendor independent smart TV solution:

LG Google TV [minipcpro YouTube channel, Jan 9, 2013]

LG Google TV : http://mobilegeeks.com LG’s Google Smart TV (with remote) allows you to control your TV using voice command and easily search local content, movies or youtube videos.

Marvell Google TV solution used by HiSense, TCL, Asus, Netgear launched at CES 2013 [Charbax YouTube channel, Jan 8, 2012]

Marvell’s ARM Powered Google TV solution is ramping up usage among set-top-box and HDTV makers.

Presentation of the Google TV from TCL (Alcatel) [FrAndroidTube YouTube channel, Jan 9, 2013]

TCL Booth Overview – CES 2013 [HDTVNewsCom YouTube channel, Jan 10, 2013]

[CES 2013] TCL’s chairman and Marvell’s Vice President founders’ speech [avingusa YouTube channel, Jan 9, 2013]

Las Vegas, USA —- TCL had a small press conference within the booth to announce their press release, TCL’s partnership with Marvel, and Google Inc. Li Dong Sheng, chairman of TCL and Sehat Sutardja and Weili Dai founders of Marvell had shared their impression throughout the short speech.

CES 2013 Google TV on HiSense.MOV [Robert McMillen YouTube channel, Jan 9, 2013]

CES 2013 watch Google TV being tested on HiSense TV

Other things in the very much hyped ‘3D without glasses’, ‘Ultra HD (4K) TV’, ‘transparent display’, ‘multiscreen convergence’, and ‘upgradable smart TV’ spaces are rather future selling than actual offerings from the industry this year. Below you can judge it for yourself:

1./A Dolby: No Glasses 3D First Look – CES 2013 [jon4lakers YouTube channel, Jan 8, 2013]

3D televisions have been around for a while now, but both passive and active glasses are a pain to deal with. A couple of companies have tried to work on glasses free solutions, but Dolby may have hit on the true winning combination with its new entry in the market. Not yet commercially released, Dolby’s new glasses free solution works somewhat like lenticular baseball cards, and it will allow people in the room to view the 3D effect from any angle. No release date has been announced yet for these televisions to hit the market, but Dolby is in active discussions with television manufacturers and content providers to integrate the technology.

1./B Vizio: glasses-free 3D TV @ CES 2013 [CNETTV YouTube channel, Jan 7, 2013]

Donald Bell intoduces us to Vizios proof of concept 55 inch glasses-free 3D TV

1./C Stream TV: Ultra-D 2160 4K Glasses Free 3D [John Sciacca YouTube channel, Jan 7, 2013]

Stream TV [Networks] Ultra-D 4K resolution glasses free 3-D TV demonstrated at CES 2013

1./D The Trigger: Stream TV [IPGMediaLabNY YouTube channel, Jan 8, 2013]

2./A CES 2013: Sony 4K [UHD] OLED TVs [getconnectedtvshow, Jan 8, 2013]

Andy Baryer chats with Sony’s Brent de Waal about Sony’s 4K OLED tech and the eye-popping experience it provides.

2./B Sony 4K [UHD] vs 1080p Resolution Demo with 86″ TVs [LinusTechTips YouTube channel, Jan 9, 2013]

Sony put up a picture of newsprint side-by-side on their 4K and 1080p models of TVs to demonstrate the improved clarity that can be achieveed with 4K.

2./C HiSense $2000 50″ 4K TV, up to 110″ 4K on display at CES 2013 [Charbax YouTube channel, Jan 10, 2012]

HiSense is demonstrating that a $2000 4K HDTV is perfectly possible, it’s in fact available now at that price in China. HiSense is China’s number 1 HDTV brand, in front of TCL and Skyworth. They also show more and more affordable 58″ 4K and above, up to 110″ 4K, the worlds largest 4K LED TV.

2./D Samsung: 85″ 4K [UHD] TV (to be released in Spring) and 110″ 4K [UHD] prototype [Charbax YouTube channel, Jan 11, 2013]

Samsung is releasing their first 4K TVs, 4K is going to be a big push for Samsung in 2013, starting with the 85″ 4K TV to be released in Spring. No price announced yet. This video was filmed at CES 2013 with the Panasonic GH3 (12-35mm lens): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9euooiOTwXA on a Steadicam Merlin 2 with vest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6rO_hBC7RA

2./E CES 2013: SHARP ICC Purios UHD 4K TV [getconnectedtvshow, Jan 9, 2013]

GetConnected are at CES 2013, and our own Andy Baryer chats to Sharp Canada’s Chris Matto about the upcoming new 4k Sharp TV sets coming out and their innovative ICC Purios Ultra High Definition

2./F Toshiba disappoints with little to show us aside from its Ultra HDTV [DigitalTrends YouTube channel, Jan 10, 2013]

Toshiba’s CES 2013 booth lack both the pageantry and products we’ve come to expect at the largest electronics show in the United States.

3./A Hisense: Amazing See-Through LED Display for Transparent 3D (CES 2013) [unboxtherapy YouTube channel, Jan 9, 2013]

Check out this amazing, transparent, 3D LED display. Similar to last year’s transparent display from Samsung, this model from Hisense adds 3D functionality. Hisense also showed off two new UHD displays featuring 4K resolution. Stay tuned for full coverage from CES 2013.

3./B Samsung: Transparent Display Case at CES 2013 [SlashGear YouTube channel, Jan 8, 2013]

Samsung’s see-through displays

4. Samsung: 2012 Smart Evolution Kit 2013 Smart TV, 2013 CES [theFTtechnology YouTube channel, Jan 10, 2013]

5. Samsung: Multiscreen Convergence 2013 Smart TV, 2013 CES [theFTtechnology YouTube channel, Jan 90, 2013]

Finally another real thing coming widely to the market this year: Gorilla Glass 3

Gorilla Glass 3 Demo – CES 2013 [jon4lakers YouTube channel, Jan 8, 2013]

Gorilla Glass 3 Demo – How Strong is it Really? Gorilla Glass is pretty much an industry standard for mobile devices, and while the previous generations have been great, but Gorilla Glass 3 promises to be three times more scratch-resistant than its predecessor. http://tchno.be/VJ9gXO

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