Acer Iconia W510: Windows 8 Clover Trail (Intel Z2760) hybrid tablets from OEMs

Update: Acer Iconia W510 Hybrid Tablet Overview by Chippy [Steve Chippy Paine YouTube channel, Dec 14, 2012] for more. Chippy gives an overview of the Acer Iconia Tab W510 CloverTrail hybrid tablet.

Update: Acer pushing tablet shipments [DIGITIMES, Dec 12, 2012]

Acer originally believed that tablets would soon lose their attractiveness to consumers helping notebooks to regain their influence; however as market watchers and IT players mostly estimate giant growth in tablet shipments with volume to surpass those of notebooks in 2013, Acer has started turning aggressive about pushing its tablet shipments.

For 2013, Acer will have three major operating strategiesraising its brand position, pushing its tablet shipments, and expanding its gap with competitors in the touchscreen notebook market, according to company chairman JT Wang.

Acer is already set to announce new products in early 2013 and will also release Windows 8 Pro tablets in the second quarter of 2013, Wang noted.

Commenting about his recent meeting with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Wang noted that Microsoft’s strategy of launching Surface products is unlikely to be changed in the short term, but Ballmer fully understands PC brand vendors’ opinions.

Wang pointed out that Ballmer’s visit to Taiwan was to discuss how to boost Windows 8 demand, and a few directions to work on were proposed for the future.

Acer estimates that its tablet shipments will reach 1.8 million units in 2012, but plans to significantly raise the volume in 2013.

Acer recently appointed Tiffany Huang as its president of PC global operations, replacing Campbell Kan who will serve as special assistant to the chairman, JT Wang. Both appointments shall take effect from January 1, 2013.

Acer Iconia W510 preview: as Acer moves into the Windows 8 era, it returns to its netbook roots [engadget, Oct 9, 2012]

Look and feel

<very good video about look and feel, watch at the original place on engadget>
It was almost a year ago that Acer CEO J.T. Wang vowed the company would stop making “cheap and unprofitable products” and focus on more premium items — namely, Ultrabooks. And yet, the W510 feels like precisely the sort of low-end netbook that earned Acer its reputation for slipshod quality in the first place. Mostly, it’s the keyboard dock that’s the problem: the plastic buttons have a slightly scratchy feel, and look mismatched against the smooth, faux-metal keyboard deck. The hinge is also made of white, textured plastic that seems out of place next to the rest of the system. What’s more, there’s a large, unsightly gap between the hinge and the keyboard — again, netbook redux.
Not to go there, but we suspect it’s because of products like this that Microsoft’s management felt compelled to build the Surface. Even if you left the Surface out of this — and why not, since we don’t know how much it will cost? — you can still do better than this. Just ask Samsung: the company’s Series 5 Slate costs the same with a keyboard dock and has near-identical specs, but the design is considerably more elegant.
Having met with Acer’s product team in person (and having read its executives quoted in the press), it’s obvious the company is eager to shed its reputation for cheap products and be taken more seriously as an OEM capable of building premium PCs. You can even see glimmers of that in the Iconia W510, with its lovely IPS display and optional accessories. Ultimately, though, the W510 does a disservice to Acer: with a chintzy build and a cramped, netbook-like keyboard, it confirms whatever pre-conceived notions shoppers may have about the brand. And with so many Windows 8 hybrids on the way, including one from Microsoft itself, Acer can’t afford to have its products get lost in the mix.
There is something to be excited about, though: the W510 performs well, and at $500, it’s attractively priced for a tablet running full Windows 8. The Clover Trail-based Atom processor inside makes for some zippy performance in Windows 8, and that nine-hour battery is also promising. We’ll be back with a full review in which we plan to put this guy through its paces, and we’ll be curious to see how it fares against similarly priced hybrids offering comparable specs. For all we know, the W510 will end up being exceptionally fast and longevous for its class. But you’d have to get past its homely exterior to appreciate it.

Since Acer has been the most vocal opponent of the Surface introduction by Microsoft, as well as Surface is indeed the point of reference for every 3d party hybrid from now on, let’s see next a detailed comparision of the Acer device with the Surface:

Please also read my previous posts about the Surface:
Microsoft Surface: its premium quality/price vs. even iPad3 [Oct 26, 2012]
Microsoft Surface: First media reflections after the New-York press launch [Oct 26, 2012]

After this it would be much easier to evaluate the very recent complaints from Acer:
UPDATE: Acer Offers Grim 4Q Outlook; Lowers Shipment Forecast [The Wall Street Journal, Oct 25, 2012], with slides from the Oct 25 Investor Conference inserted appropriately

Global PC shipments have fallen for the first time in over a decade, plunging more than 8% in the third quarter from a year earlier, according to industry researchers Gartner and IDC. A main reason is that consumers have been putting off computer purchases ahead of the release of Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Taipei-based Acer has suffered particularly, as it hasn’t diversified into growing sectors like tablet computers and smartphones as successfully as competitors like Lenovo Group Ltd. and Asustek Computer Inc., analysts say.


Acer Chairman and CEO J.T. Wang criticized Microsoft at an investor conference Thursday for throwing its partners into disarray with its decision to launch its own Surface tablet, saying retail stores have been unwilling to take on much inventory from companies like Acer ahead of the launch of the Surface.


This kind of uncertainty we have never encountered in the last 20 years,” Mr. Wang said. “An industry leader competing with its partners is a very new situation….The uncertainty has really created a lot of negative impact on the ecosystem.”

Touch-based devices are likely to make up 5%-8% of Acer’s total shipments in the fourth quarter, it added.

imageAcer: Opportunity
– Acer expects the touch feature to stimulate PC shipment growth, particularly after the Windows 8 introduction.
– Acer has endeavored to improve the user experience in touch and is ready to embrace the new opportunity from touch and type in both supply and demand fronts.

Another Acer Iconia W510 preview [TheVerge YouTube channel, Oct 9, 2012]

David Pierce looks at Acer’s Iconia W510 Windows 8 hybrid tablet.

Information published by Acer:

Note that the announced entry level W510-1674 is not available yet. Therefore it is not sure at all why the available entry model W510-1620 (32GB) has a $50 higher price. Microsoft Surface has a price of $599 with TouchCover (32GB) and $699 for the 64 GB version with TouchCover. In comparison the W510-1422 (64GB with keyboard dock) has a price of $749.99. So, as it stands now, the W510 has generally a $50 higher price than the Microsoft Surface.

W510-1620 | Product Model [Acer USA, Oct 9, 2012]
SKU: NT.L0KAA.003: … Keyboard dock sold separately

New twist

imageWhen detached from the dock, this tablet lets you stay productive and mobile with touch convenience and a light 10.1″ design. Need to do some typing? Connect the tablet to the keyboard dock1 and get to it. Then, if you want others to view the display, you can twist it up to 295 degrees.

W510-1620 | Model Datasheet [Acer USA, Oct 20, 2012]

Windows 8 – Intel® Atom™ Dual-Core Processor Z2760 1.5GHz with Intel® Burst technology up to 1.8GHz – 2GB DDR3 SDRAM – 32GB internal storage – 10.1″ HD display (1366 x 768) with integrated 5-point multitouch screen – Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator – Acer Invilink™ Nplify™ 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi – front and rear facing webcams – high-definition audio support – Bluetooth® – Micro-HDMI® – Micro-USB – 2-in-1 card reader – 2-cell battery – 1-year limited warranty

<more detailed specification by clicking on the link

W510-1666 | Product Model [Acer USA, Oct 9, 2012]:
SKU NT.L0KAA.001: Acer Iconia W510-1666 Intel Z2760 1.5GHz dual core processor, 64GB storage, Windows 8, 10.1 1366×768 IPS display. Keyboard dock sold separately

imageWhen detached from the dock, this tablet lets you stay productive and mobile with touch convenience and a light 10.1″ design. Need to do some typing? Connect the tablet to the keyboard dock1 and get to it. Then, if you want others to view the display, you can twist it up to 295 degrees.

W510-1666 | Model Datasheet [Acer USA, Oct 20, 2012]

Windows 8 – Intel® Atom™ Dual-Core Processor Z2760 1.5GHz with Intel® Burst technology up to 1.8GHz – 2GB DDR3 SDRAM – 64GB internal storage – 10.1″ HD display (1366 x 768) with integrated 5-point multitouch screen – Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator – Acer Invilink™ Nplify™ 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi – front and rear facing webcams – high-definition audio support – Bluetooth® – Micro-HDMI® – Micro-USB – 2-in-1 card reader – 2-cell battery – 1-year limited warranty

<more detailed specification by clicking on the link

W510-1892 | Product Model [Acer Canada, Oct 9, 2012]
SKU NT.L0KAA.004: … Keyboard dock sold separately

When detached from the dock, this tablet lets you stay productive and mobile with touch convenience and a light 10.1″ design. Need to do some typing? Connect the tablet to the keyboard dock1 and get to it. Then, if you want others to view the display, you can twist it up to 295 degrees.

W510-1892 | Model Datasheet [Acer Canada, Oct 20, 2012]

Windows 8 – 64-bit version – 1.8GHz Intel® Atom™ Processor Z2760 (1MB L2 cache) – 2GB DDR3 SDRAM – 64GB solid state drive – 10.1″ HD LCD multi-touch display – 802.11b/g/n – Bluetooth® – 2-cell battery – 1-year limited warranty

<more detailed specification by clicking on the link>

Not on Acer US site but on reseller sites:
SKU NT.L0MAA.001: Acer Iconia W510-1422 Intel Z2760 1.5GHz dual core processor, 64GB storage, Windows 8, 10.1 1366×768 IPS display. Includes keyboard dock accessory $749.99 list price

Acer Iconia W510 Tablet PC With Windows 8 Is a Triple Threat Convertible [Acer America press release via Marketwire, Oct 9, 2012]

    Editor’s Summary:
    • Acer Iconia W510 tablet PC delivers ultimate flexibility and performance in three different modes for an optimum experience with touch, typing and viewing
    • 10.1-inch HD Gorilla Glass 2 display provides convenient 10-point touch, vibrant visuals
    • Superior battery life of up to 18 hours with keyboard dock, battery
    • Responsive performance in an incredibly thin form factor only 0.35-inches thin
    • Product available in the U.S. and Canada starting Nov. 9

      Acer America, the world’s number two notebook provider(1), today announced that the Acer Iconia W510 tablet PC featuring Windows 8 will be available for the U.S. and Canadian markets. The new tablet PC features a sleek convertible design that can be used in three different modes to make computing more natural and intuitive.

      Conventional tablet PC mode provides first-rate multi-touch navigation as customers enjoy the intuitive and comfortable design, as well as the responsive 10.1-inch HD LED-backlit Gorilla Glass 2 full high-definition screen that is beautiful, strong and scratch-resistant. The Gorilla Glass 2 display enhances the crisp and vibrant images, and is durable and flexible enough to handle the routine impacts of daily use.
      The Intel Atom Z2760 mobile-optimized processor smoothly and seamlessly blazes through games, websites and new Windows 8 apps. Plus, in conventional tablet PC mode, the Acer Iconia W510 delivers up to 9 hours of battery life(2) for video playback or WiFi browsing to boost all-day productivity.
      Customers get a boost in efficiency using the Iconia W510 in productivity mode. The keyboard dock seamlessly connects to the tablet PC, transforming it into a full-featured notebook for a first-rate typing experience. With it, the Iconia W510 becomes a powerhouse for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets and multimedia content. In addition, the keyboard dock houses an additional battery, extending battery life up to 18 hours for multi-day use, further ensuring productivity and uptime (2).
      Rotating the keyboard on the Iconia W510 back 295 degrees allows it to be used as a stand for presentation mode. This hands-free usage mode is ideal for showing off the latest video, photo slideshow or presentation, while the display’s wide viewing angle ensures multiple people can comfortably enjoy the visuals. The W510’s 1366×768 resolution Gorilla Glass 2 HD display vibrantly highlights everything on it with consistent and accurate colors and clarity. HD audio support and two built-in stereo speakers ensure excellent sound quality.
      “Customers will enjoy optimized experiences for touch, typing and viewing on the Iconia W510 tablet PC,” said Sumit Agnihotry, vice president of product marketing for Acer. “The versatility of the new tablet PC and durability of the Gorilla Glass 2 display pairs beautifully with the responsive performance to take advantage of the capabilities of Windows 8 for a first-rate tablet PC experience.”
      The Acer Iconia W510 features the latest technology and extras that make it incredibly useful. The tablet PCs come with either a 64GB or 32GB SSD(3) to power on the device and retrieve data quickly and securely. The microSD card reader allows easy transfer of content to and from the tablet PC. The micro-USB port on the tablet PC and full-sized USB on the keyboard dock enable quick and convenient connections to external devices, such as printers and external HDD or USB flash drives. Plus, the Iconia W510 has a Micro HDMI port and dual independent display support for sharing content onto external displays.
      The Iconia W510 is smartly designed with curved edges and a slim 0.35-inch thin build. The tablet PC weighs a mere 1.27 pounds, so it’s comfortable to hold for web browsing, reading, and enjoying Windows 8 apps on the go. With the full-featured keyboard, the Iconia W510 still measures just 0.84-inches thin and is very lightweight at only 2.63 pounds. Since customers will want to take it with them anywhere, the W510’s 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi provides a quick and reliable connection to hotspots. In addition, the new tablet PC can take advantage of location-based and travel applications with its integrated G-Sensor, E-Compass and Gyro-Meter.
      The new Acer Iconia W510 features Acer Always On and Acer Always Connect technologies that enable data upload and retrieval anytime, anywhere, and deliver power-saving features as well. Acer Always On technology ensures the Iconia W510 powers on nearly instantly, similar to a TV or phone. In addition, it provides instant-resume functionality in just 1.5 seconds(4).
      Acer Always Connect lets customers connect to previously used hotspots in just 2.5 seconds for better productivity and enjoyment(4). In addition, Always Connect features remote wakeup for AcerCloud applications, which makes digital content easy to access and share between their Iconia W510 and other PCs anytime, anywhere.
      Dual Acer Crystal Eye webcams ensure customers can capture images and video, as well as enjoy video conferencing on the go. The front-facing 2MP HD 1080p camera captures video in 1920×1080 resolution that is crisp and clear. The 8MP HD rear camera also captures full HD 1080p video in 3264×2448 resolution with auto focus and LED flash support. Dolby® Home Theater® v4 boosts sound for headphones as well as built-in speakers. Plus, the built-in digital microphone ensures that audio is crisp and clear for video conferencing and video emails.
      The Acer Iconia W510 tablet PC will be available starting November 9 at leading retailers across the U.S. and Canada in several configurations. For example, the W510-1422 with a 64GB SSD and the keyboard dock providing additional battery life is priced at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $749.99 USD and CAD. The Iconia W510-1674 comes with a 32GB SSD at the budget-friendly MSRP of only $499.99 USD and CAD.
      Acer corporate customers in the U.S. and Canada can be assured the Acer Iconia W510P with Windows 8 Pro will support their legacy Windows programs as well as provide the security and authentication they need through the option of TPM (Trusted Platform Module). The Acer Iconia W510P is backed by an extended two-year warranty(5) and is priced at $799.99 USD and CAD.
      About Acer
      Since its founding in 1976, Acer has broken barriers between people and technology, enabling users to explore, create and grow. Acer ranks No. 2 for notebook PCs globally(1). The Acer Group employs 8,000 people across the globe, and revenues for 2011 reached US$15.7 billion.
      Acer’s channel business model is instrumental to the company’s success, while its multi-brand approach integrates Acer, Gateway, and Packard Bell brands in worldwide markets. Acer designs environmentally friendly products and, with its vendors, has established a green supply chain.
      Acer is proud to be a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement. That includes supporting the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and London 2012 Olympic Games.
      More information is at
      © 2012 Acer Inc. All rights reserved. Acer and the Acer logo are registered trademarks of Acer Inc. Other trademarks, registered trademarks, and/or service marks, indicated or otherwise, are the property of their respective owners. All offers subject to change without notice or obligation and may not be available through all sales channels. Prices listed are manufacturer suggested retail prices and may vary by location. Applicable sales tax extra.
      1.) Source: Gartner data, FY 2011.
      2.) Actual battery life varies depending on product specifications, computer settings and applications or features launched. All batteries’ maximum capacity diminishes with time and use.
      3.) Accessible capacity varies: (MB = 1 million bytes; GB = 1 billion bytes).
      4.) In about 2.5 seconds with previously used access point. Time based on testing with the following applications open: Internet Explorer 9 (Internet search and email web pages), Microsoft PowerPoint viewer (file size 68 MB) and Microsoft Excel (file size 108 MB) of Microsoft Office 2010 Starter, and logged in to Windows Live Messenger 2011.
      5.) Limited warranties and service agreements apply. May not be available in all locations. Availability varies. Other conditions apply. For a copy, write to Acer Customer Service, P.O. Box 6137, Temple, TX 76503.

      The latest Acer video at least containing the W510:
      Acer @ IFA Berlin 2012 [Acer YouTube channel, Sept 4, 2012]

      IFA 2012 – One of the worlds leading trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances opened on the 31st of August 2012! If you are in Berlin, come and visit us at our Acer booth in Hall 12, Booth 101, and check out our latest smartphones, ultrabooks, all-in-ones and much more!

      Acer Iconia W510 – The new era of mobility [Acer press information, Aug 31, 2012]

      Berlin, Germany
      Mobility means more than the freedom of using a device anywhere; it’s also the freedom of using a device in more ways, according to our needs and moods. Developing the new ICONIA W510, Acer created a device designed for Windows 8 that offers excellent flexibility, allowing users to enjoy and share content, as well as be productive.
      Calling the Acer ICONIA W510 a tablet would be reductive. While the high-resolution 10.1 display provides excellent entertainment, the innovative detachable keyboard is perfect for productivity and the touch optimized screen ensures better data consumption.
      This tablet is the perfect device for users who want to enjoy a flawless touch experience, but want a device that is more flexible and can be used for productivity. The slim, easy to dock keyboard, not only offers a comfortable typing experience, but it extends the battery life up to 18 hours and allows users to rotate the tablet 295 degrees so that it can be used in presentation mode, great for watching a video or viewing a presentation.
      Both tablet and keyboard are ultra slim and light, making them easy to carry around as well as comfortable to use. The 10.1-inch touchscreen, providing a wider viewing angle with more vibrant, consistent and accurate colors, is perfect for enjoying multimedia in tablet mode or for sharing videos and movies with friends when docked to the keyboard.
      Thanks to this simple solution, this tablet provides optimal ergonomics and ease of use both on the go and at your desk. More connectivity options enhance the user experience, from the micro-HDMI port that allows immediate connectivity to an external monitor, to the micro-SD port to extend memory up to 32 GB.
      In addition, thanks to the Always On, Always Connect technology, you can count on the Acer ICONIA W510 to keep you updated on what’s going in your social networks, and have the latest news at your fingertips, check your mails or watch a movie on the fly, review a presentation or enjoy  games. This is the beauty of having a multi-touch screen tablet that offers seamless conversion between slate, keyboard and hands-free ergo-touch.
      To ensure the integrity of the device, the ICONIA W510 embeds the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which allows security-enhanced generation of cryptographic keys and minimizes the risk data are compromised by physical theft or external hacker attack.
      Thanks to TPM, the hardware is less vulnerable to software-based attacks, while authentication processes are conducted through a security-enhanced subsystem.

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