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The 41 MP Nokia 808 PureView meeting the vanishing world challenge

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imageWhile world renown photographer Dennis Manarchy was building his huge ‘The Eye of America’ camera Nokia have succeeded with their ongoing camera phone inventions to match the requirements of Manarchy and to accompany him on his year long journey of “Vanishing Cultures: An American Portrait” project.

Watch the below video presentation of this unusual still classic camera first (for 12-metre-high portraits):

An epic camera that will travel around the United States as part of the Vanishing Cultures project to capture the faces and stories of our amazing people. Its dimensions are 35 feet long, 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide and it produces one-of-a-kind negatives that are two-metre-tall for as big as 12-metre-high portraits.

Then proceed with the following presentation videos of the the truely revolutionary, Nokia 808 PureView camera phone:

Nokia 808 PureView http://nokia.ly/ygwe7d It’s not about the size of the pixels, it’s what you do with them. PureView packs the goodness of 6 pixels into 1 for sharp, clear 5 megapixel photos that are ready to share. Discover the next breakthrough in photography http://nokia.com/Nokia808PureView

More videos on the unique capabilities of Nokia 808 PureView:
Zoom, zoom and zoom again: Take a picture, then zoom into the image up to three times with no loss of detail. Shoot in Full HD 1080p video and zoom into the action four times, or choose Full HD 360p mode and zoom in 12 times.
Get the professional touch: Give your photos a sharper perspective or special effect with the PureView’s creative controls. Quickly shoot at optimum settings for close-ups, landscapes or night shots, or play with the creative modes to make your images really stand out.
Don’t be afraid of the dark: Never miss the real story. The Carl Zeiss lens and 41 megapixel image sensor on a Nokia 808 PureView make the most of the available light so you don’t have to give it a moment’s thought.
Nokia Rich Recording: Records best in class stereo audio with every detail. Whilst most high end smartphones can only record without distortion to around 110db, the Nokia 808 can comfortably continue to around 140-145 db, which is 4 times louder than the conventional mics can record. Apart from that Nokia Rich Recording can also record very low frequencies also without any distortion. The combination of all of these elements means the Nokia 808 records audio with almost CD like quality. It has to be heard to be believed.
Technology breakthroughs and benefits explained by Damian Dinning (Head of Imaging Experiences, Nokia Smart Devices): In-house developed sensor, high-performance optics developed in collaboration with Carl-Zeiss for this sensor, and handling one billion pixels per second by software for video. These breakthrougs producing two significant benefits which you have not been able to do in the past. First is incredible image quality: 5 MP images which are only 1 MB in file size, which have significantly more detail than any other camera smartphone you can find on the market. … It is incredible how much detail is in there. The second thing is zoom. … Wanted to change the way the industry thinks about pixels. … Then you realize the true benefits: high-performance images, high-performance video. Even in HD video have four times lossless zoom. … Others: watch the video itself!

Finally see what is the essence of the Vanishing Cultures: An American Portrait project and how Nokia 808 PureView fits into that, through the eyes of the photographer, Dennis Manarchy himself:

Dennis Manarchy talks about creating the world’s biggest camera and its huge, detailed images — and casts an expert eye over the Nokia 808 PureView http://nokia.ly/HaDWLD – the world’s first 41MP smartphone camera.

More information on that:
Nokia 808 PureView: The next breakthrough in photography [Nokia microsite, March 27, 2012]
Why the big number? [Nokia background microsite, Feb 27, 2012]
Dennis Manarchy: A man on a mission with the world’s largest camera [Nokia Connects, March 28, 2012]
The photography edition of the Nokia Connects Live podcast [Nokia Connects, March 26, 2012]: “Photography Week” podcast with Damian Dinning (Head of Imaging Experiences, Nokia Smart Devices), John Suler (Professor of Psychology at Rider University) and Dennis Manarchy
Vanishing Cultures [project site, Jan 17, 2012] and the project brochure
The devil in the detail [Nokia’s Dennis Manarchy related branding page, March 31, 2012]
Nokia 808 PureView [Nokia Europe product page, Feb 27, 2012]



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