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Nokia trying the first Lumia month in China with China Telecom exclusive

Prerequisites (June 2015⇒):

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5G: 2015⇒2019 5G Technologies for the New Era of Wireless Internet of the 2020’s and 2030’s
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2010 – the 1st grand year of:

3.5G...3.9G level mobile Internet
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reflective display technologies

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Marvell SoC leadership
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Core information:


Update: Nokia Recruits Locals to Compete in China [Business Week, March 28, 2012]

“In China, the game is far from over,” said Derek Ling, who runs Tianji, China’s biggest professional networking site with 9 million users. “The iPhone is not nearly as dominant in China as it is in the U.S.” Apple has been “having difficulty negotiating the right terms with the biggest provider in China, which is China Mobile (941), so everything is up for grabs.”

Advantages of such a launch strategy for Nokia:

    1. China Telecom has been a top 3G performer so far (3G subscribers in millions):
      3G Subscribers in China - 3 operators -- Dec-10--Feb-12
    2. A one time opportunity to gauge high-end Lumia performance against the current market leader as: China Telecom to Offer iPhone 4S in China on March 9 [China Telecom press release, Feb 21, 2012]
      China Telecom today announced it will offer iPhone 4S to customers in China beginning Friday, March 9. iPhone 4S will be available starting at RMB 0 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models on select contracts in China Telecom’s authorized stores and online at http://www.189.cn. Online reservations will be available beginning Friday, March 2.
      source: Annual Results 2011 – China Telecom Corporation Limited [March 20, 2012]
    3. As such it is also a very good fit for Nokia’s Lumia strategy is capitalizing on platform enhancement opportunities with location-based services, better photographic experience etc. [Jan 12, 2012]: … in 2011, China Telecom … accelerated development of innovative businesses, with substantial progress in the strategy of the “Three New Roles” (i.e. “a leader of intelligent pipeline”, “a provider of integrated platforms” and “a participant in content and application development”); …
      source: China Telecom 2012 Annual Work Conference Highlights [Dec 21, 2011]
      source: Annual Results 2011 – China Telecom Corporation Limited [March 20, 2012]
    4. A very good fit for Exclusive applications and services [strategy of Nokia] for a uniquely local experience:Wang Xiaochu, Chairman of China Telecom and Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia on stage with Nokia 800C
      China Telecom and Nokia have worked closely together
      to bring integrated China Telecom services that target young people including music, games, videos, and integrated reading apps right onto the Nokia 800C home screen.  To reach this target market, the Nokia 800C will be featured prominently in Tianyi FlyYoung shops, a distribution arm and new, youth-centered sub-brand of China Telecom.People purchasing Nokia Lumia  smartphones in China will have access to exclusive applicationssuch as magazines from Trends and special offers for free downloads of popular gaming titles such as Fruit Ninja and PVZ.- Trends, a provider of highly interactive fashion magazine applications, will launch Cosmopolitan first forNokia Lumia smartphones and provide people using a Nokia Lumia phone with free access to For Him Magazine (FHM), Harper’s Bazaar and Esquire magazines inMarketplace, opening today.
      – As an added incentive for  people using a Nokia Lumia smartphone in China, Nokia will soon offer 100,000 free downloads of the hit gaming titles Fruit Ninja and PVZ through the Nokia Collection in Marketplace.

      Nokia and Microsoft also announced the Be Top program, which is designed to encourage and support developers in creating great new applications on Windows Phone specifically for people in China.

      These exciting offers and the BeTop development program illustrate Nokia’s commitment to the local ecosystem of application developers and service providers. Through joint innovation with leading local providers, Nokia is able to offer Lumia users access to all major Internet services in China including Sina, SOHU, Tencent and Renren. When paired with the choice of nearly 20,000 apps available for download through Marketplace, people using a Nokia Lumia smartphone in China can create a truly personalized and locally relevant experience on their device.

Source: China Telecom and Nokia launch first CDMA Windows Phone in China [Nokia press release, March 28, 2012]

More information:
Nokia launches first CDMA Windows Phone in China [Windows Phone blog, March 28, 2012]
China says Ni Hao to the Nokia Lumia [Nokia Conversations, March 28, 2012]
Nokia seeks to retake China market share [Reuters, March 28, 2012]

Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop unveiled two models based on the Lumia 610 and Lumia 800 cellphones but designed for Chinese networks, which will go on sale initially through China Telecom, the nation’s third-largest carrier.

The Lumia 800C will be sold without a carrier contract for 3,599 yuan ($573) from April, Elop said. Pricing for the 610C, to launch in China in the second quarterand intended as an entry-level phone to bring younger users to Nokia Windows phones, will be announced later.

Nokia also plans to bring its 700, 800 and 900 models to the China market, and they will eventually run on all three of China’s mobile networks, including China Mobile and China Unicom, said Colin Giles, Nokia’s executive vice president for global sales.

He would not give a time frame for their introduction to the Chinese market, for which they are specifically designed. “We’ve invested heavily in China,” Giles told reporters. “We’re creating innovation in China for China, which a number of our competitors aren’t doing.”

Shares in Nokia rose 3.6 percent to 4.14 euros, boosted after Sweden’s Swedbank lifted its rating on the stock to “buy” from “neutral”.

Nokia has lost its No. 1 position in the Chinese mobile handset market to Samsung, with Samsung at 24.3 percent and Nokia 19.6 percent in the fourth quarter of last year, according to market researcher Gartner.

China’s Huawei Technologies and ZTE stood at 12.6 percent and 11.1 percent, respectively, with Apple a small but buzz-grabbing 7.5 percent.



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