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Smarterphone end-to-end software solution for "the next billion" Nokia users

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2010 – the 1st grand year of:

3.5G...3.9G level mobile Internet
• system-on-a-chip (SoC) and
reflective display technologies

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Marvell SoC leadership
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Core information:


In Smart Devices, Nokia will build a winning ecosystem together with Microsoft using their global reach, iconic products and location services.

In Mobile Phones, Nokia will realign and increase its investments to connect the next billion people to the Internet, bringing great devices and rich services to the global marketplace much quicker.

And beyond great mobile products, Nokia will continue to innovate and invest in future disruptions that will define the industry in years to come.

From: Nokia announces next steps in transformation [Conversations by Nokia, April 27, 2011]

Update from Nokia’s CEO Discusses Q1 2012 Results – Earnings Call Transcript [Seeking Alpha, April 19, 2012]

… In the area of Mobile Phones, we continue to renew our Series 40 portfolio. For example, we recognized the need for dual SIM and delivered 8 dual SIM devices over the past year. We delivered consumers more aspirational designs and experiences through 7 new Asha products. The Net Promoter Scores for some Asha devices are the highest we’ve had for Mobile Phones products.

We acquired Smarterphone, a Norwegian company that brings new user interface technology and expertise to Nokia. We’ve increased download rates from feature phones to more than 4 million a day by improving store access and payment schemes and adding new apps like Whatsapp, Foursquare and EA.

We released a new version of Nokia Life, which delivers education, health, agriculture and entertainment services via SMS. And we delivered a new proxy browser, and we’re now bringing the browser and web apps down to super low-end devices. However, as we highlighted last week, there are still areas where our future phone portfolio is at a competitive disadvantage. We plan to address some of these issues in Q2.

That being said, the structural shift from feature phones towards low-priced smartphones is a challenge. Our increased investments in Mobile Phones R&D are intended to address these challenges. …

From Q&A part of that:

… we’ve been taking some very deliberate steps to not only pick up the pace, but to make it easier to accelerate the pace around the development in Series 40. I mentioned as one example, the acquisition of Smarterphone in this space to give us more flexibility and speed as it relates to the user interface elements, for example, of that platform. So this is — it’s a good example of something where, from a code and engineering perspective, we’re paying off a bit of a debt and having to catch up and accelerate. But you’re seeing the progress being made. But still in the near term, it causes us some problems, which is what gives me some confidence that we can continue to catch up and address those challenges. It’s just that the competition is ahead of us in a couple of spots, and we’ve got to nail that. …

Update from the Nokia CEO regarding the Mobile phones business and the Smarterphone acquisition:

PCMAG: Recently you guys acquired Smarterphone, the feature phone OS company, and there had previously been some talk of your feature phone OS Meltemi. What are you going to do with those projects?

Elop: We haven’t provided details of a key element here [i.e. on CES 2012] of our overall strategy. Last February we announced three pillars to our strategy. And one of those pillars was about increasing the R&D investment in the mobile phone space. You’ve talked there of the fact that QT would be the development platform for that initiative. Clearly there’s some new work going on, new investments, you’re seeing little bits and pieces of acquisitions and things happening. We haven’t been more specific than that, but clearly there’s an initiative underway there that relates to our mobile phones efforts to connect the next billion people to the Internet.

PCMAG: Could this be a platform to supersede S40?

Elop: So again, we haven’t provided any details, but S40 is a platform that continues to see significant investment. It’s getting smarter and smarter with each successive device and release, so there’s still a lot of activity there.

[From: Nokia CEO: MS Purchase Rumors Bogus [PC Magazine, Jan 11, 2012]]

Ferd Capital sells Smarterphone AS to Nokia [Ferd Capital press release, Jan 5 [after Jan 6 only in this PDF], 2012]

imageEgil Kvaleberg is a world class software architect and founder.

Ferd Capital has sold its portfolio company Smarterphone AS (Formerly Kvaleberg AS) to Nokia Corporation (OMX: NOK1V, NYSE:NOK, FWB: NOA3), the world’s leading producer of mobile phones. The transaction was completed in November 2011.

Smarterphone is based in Oslo, Norway and delivers an operating system for the feature phone segment of mobile handsets. The software makes it possible to deliver a user experience similar to smart phones on affordable hardware, and allows unique flexibility for tailoring handset software to different markets. Ferd Capital invested in the company in 2007 and has invested a total of 6,5 MEUR in the company.

“Egil Kvaleberg is a world class software architect and founder. His internationally recruited and unique team situated in Oslo has created an operating system for lower end mobile phone that provides highly advanced functionality on very moderate hardware” says Annar Bohn, Investment manager in Ferd Capital. “Our belief in the team, technology and the long term market for feature phones remains firm, and we believe the company has now found a fantastic new home with Nokia”, he continues.

“Ferd Capital is an active Nordic investor in both the venture and buy-out segments of private equity and see continued strong opportunities within both segments” says Bjørn Erik Reinseth, Partner in Ferd Capital. “Large international players acquiring Norwegian technology companies is a strong recognition and a good foundation for future innovation and growth”, continues Reinseth.

In addition to Ferd Capital, The company was also financed by Innovation Norway, Haavard Nord (Trolltech founder) and Lars Øberg. Carnegie acted as advisor to the selling shareholders. [Ferd owned 80% of the shares]

Nokia Strategy 2011 [Conversations by Nokia, March 10, 2011]

Nokia Strategy 2011 consists of three pillars:

  • Smartphones;
  • The next billion;
  • Future disruptions.


Beginning 2011, Nokia will use Microsoft’s Windows Phone for its main smartphone operating system. The reason for this is that the smartphone battle is now a war of ecosystems rather than just devices. An ecosystem consists of devices, services, third-party providers, a strong app market and delighted customers. Microsoft, Nokia and its other partners will form a strong ecosystem to bring innovation and choice into the market. MeeGo now becomes a platform for future disruption of the market through innovative and different devices. Symbian will continue to be supported and developed as the full product portfolio takes shape.


Open Letter from Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer
Welcome to the Third Ecosystem
Nokia Strategy and Financial Briefing
Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer answer questions from Nokia Conversations readers
The future is glanceable

The next billion

Around 3.2 billion people do not currently own a mobile phone. Nokia’s reach, extensive product portfolio and market presence worldwide make it the best-placed manufacturer to supply the next billion mobile phone users with great devices and rich services suited to local needs. In addition, we’ll be taking the Internet to the users of these phones in their next step. The Series 40 operating system, Ovi Life Tools and Java development are keystones here.


Mobile Phones: the next billion
Mary McDowell on the next billion
Launch: the Nokia X1-00

Future disruptions

Innovation in the field of mobile devices is far from over and Nokia is determined to play a key role in the future of this field. MeeGo will play a key part in this, and continued support for revolutionary research and development work across Nokia’s worldwide research labs, the Qt development framework and independent providers will help to fuel this further.


Rich Green at Nokia Developer Day
13 reasons to get stuck on Qt

Nokia in brief [Nokia, April 7, 2011]

Nokia as of April 1, 2011


Smart Devices: our business unit which focuses on smartphones, and additionally on exploring nextgeneration opportunities in devices, platforms and user experiences to support our industry position and longer-term financial performance.

Mobile Phones: our business unit focused on bringing a modern and affordable mobile experience to people around the world.

NAVTEQ: a leading provider of comprehensive digital map information and related location-based content and services for mobile navigation devices, automotive navigation systems, Internet-based mapping
applications, and government and business solutions.

Nokia Siemens Networks: jointly owned by Nokia and Siemens, is one of the leading providers of telecommunications infrastructure hardware, software and professional services globally.

Detailed information about the Smarterphone now under Nokia:

2010 in review: Under-the-radar trends at Mobile World Congress [Feb 22, 2010]

… Kvaleberg (a little-known Norwegian engineering company) has productised its 10-years of feature phone integration know-how into Mimiria, a feature phone OS with a clean-room UI architecture that makes variant creation a swift job requiring only 2-3 engineers to customise. …

Smarterphone launches Smarterphone OS 3.0 at Mobile World Congress [Feb 16, 2011]

Ferd Capital’s portfolio company Smarterphone AS (previously Kvaleberg AS) today announced version 3.0 of Smarterphone OS, the smart operating system for inexpensive mobile phones.

The OS was from the beginning designed to run efficiently on limited resource hardware, yet still offering smart solutions, attractive and intuitive user interfaces. Version 3.0 brings this concept further, being optimized for phones in the $25 to $75 price segment.

“Globally, there are 4 billion mobile phone users. Despite all the attention given to high end smartphones, the majority of the 4 billion can not afford such a device,” says Egil Kvaleberg, CEO of Smarterphone. “With Smarterphone OS, inexpensive phones can be smart, too. Their users are just as keen to have easy and natural access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as users of high end phones.”

To demonstrate the flexibility and agility of their solution, Smarterphone will, during the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, show ‘Radial,’ which is a fresh approach at reshaping the dynamics of the mobile phone human interaction. Audun Foyen, director of products at Smarterphone, says: “Radial is an option we offer customers who may want to differentiate in a certain direction. We remain equally committed to more conventional touch and keypad solutions.”

Smarterphone felt the Mobile World Congress was the only natural choice for the premiere of Radial. “We are dedicated to MWC and see great value in attending the event every year,” says Michael Orr, SVP Business Development and Sales at Smarterphone AS.

More details on Radial: http://smarterphone.com/documents/Radialconceptuserinterface.pdf

About Smarterphone
Smarterphone provides a complete and licensable software solution for mass market smart phones, Smarterphone OS, pre-integrating all software components and applications, enables manufacturers to rapidly create low-cost handsets with features and functionality similar to that found in expensive high-end smartphones. The solution is turnkey, whereby Smarterphone takes the software through all phases all the way up to carrier acceptance.

Smarterphone “Radial” user interface demo [SmarterphoneAS, Feb 16, 2011]

Shows demo of the new “Radial” concept user interface from Smarterphone. The video was shot at MWC 2011

Products [Dec 12, 2010]

Smarterphone 3.0 is a software applications suite for mobile handsets that provides all of the layers from the hardware up to the end-user applications and what they need to interact with each other. This unique way of linking the hardware abstraction layer to the applications ensuring that we provide our handset users with a satisfying and high-quality experience. Our engineers have designed Smarterphone with operators in mind; we are fully adhere to the major operators’ requirements. Our team of engineers have wide-ranging experience in the cellular UI industry and are always available to provide support for operators. Our developers have gone above and beyond working on Smarterphone to seamlessly integrate the end-user applications with each other and with the underlying hardware. We developed a scripting language that allows our engineers to quickly and easily adapt our software with any hardware platform. The settings are tailored to be compatible with any hardware platform. And our task-switcher makes it easy for users to multi-task with several applications at once time.

Some of Smarterphone’s major features are listed below:

  • social media
  • sophisticated text entry (character recognition, predictive)
  • advanced web browser
  • advanced address book, integrating all connected services
  • theme switching
  • image viewer with thumbnail scrolling
  • media player for audio and video
  • messaging: email, MMS and SMS
  • JavaME applications engine
  • touch-screen (resistive or multi-touch capacitive)
  • wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • calendar and to-do
  • world wide weather forecasts
  • currency converter with auto updates

Smarterphone has developed a sotfware solution that is pre-integrated, finished, and ready to roll, yet also offers unique possibilities for customization and differentiation. This combination, previously thought impossible, we have achieved by our unique software architecture that integrates and includes all applications in one seamless design. These possibilites have been made possible by an architechture that totally separates the software components that manage all aspects of the user experience from the components that actually implemnents the functionality. This is how we can offer a software package that we can very quickly tailor to any customer’s requirements, with confidence that the risk and cost will be low. All Smarterphone applications are integrated under the same regime, so that end-users with a common look and feel to every application simlpy is automatically ensured. To see a complete list of features, click here.

Smarterphone includes a full suite of applications for mobile phones built using the Smarterphone framework components. All the applications are designed according to the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern. This means that application logic and application data are kept completely separate from the user interface itself. It is, therefore, a very simple operation to make deep changes in the user interface, even in its structure and flow.

Smarterphone‘s, components are already fully integrated. This allows you to bring you products quickly to the market place, since software integration has traditionally been the major bottleneck.

Smarterphone is a solution for a complete feature phoneuser interface in accordance to the most demanding operator requirements.

Smarterphoneis highly competitive on total cost.

Smarterphoneoffers very rapid and scalable concepts for adapting to different UI designs and requirements, including new applications.

Smarterphoneis made for modern, highly visual UI designs.

Smarterphoneis based on an inherently reliable software architecture.

Smarterphone is supported by a team with a wide base of experience in the cellular UI industry.

More information:

Smarterphone [wikipedia entry, excerpted on Jan 9, 2012]

The company’s main product is Smarterphone OS, which is a platform-independent full mobile phone operating system and applications suite for the feature phone segment. Smarterphone OS, then called Mimiria, was first unveiled at the Mobile World Congress show in February 2008, and has been used for such handsets as the Kyocera C4700, Vibo T588, and the Madrid LiMo device. The Smarterphone architecture is clean-room, with a very strict model-view-controller design that enables variations to be implemented with little effort. [8] The user interface of Smarterphone OS is programmed in a scripting language, which is a variant of Scheme with object-oriented extensions.

Smarterphone OS includes a user interface (MMI) software stack, implementing a full user interface and middleware for 2G and 3G feature phones. It also integrates a range of third-party modules such as Java ME JVM from Oracle Corporation, mobile browser from Obigo, MMS and SMS stack from Mobile Messaging Factory, predictive text input from Nuance and Cootek, and handwriting recognition from Sinovoice.

New Smarterphone OS release [Oct 12, 2011]

We are proud to annonce version 3.2 of Smarterphone OS. In this release we are featuring

– MultiSIM. It makes possible to use more than one SIM card.
– BiDi. This feature adds support for bidirectionalwritting. Necessary in languages like Arabic or Hebrew.

The software has also turned even more social, with many improvements to Facebook integration like:

– Video upload support.
– Better support for comments and status.
– Use pictures of friends in the address book.
– Posting of pictures.
– Chat.

We have not forgotten about Twitter and we made it easier to use.
Support for uploading videos to Youtube has been added.

Usability improvements

– Geonames integration in Worldclock and Weather.
– Better datetime picker.
– Conversational Messaging.
– Cut’n’Paste.

UI improvements

– New screen transition effects.
– Configurable Widget bar (on left, or right, top or bottom).
– Idle screen desktop shortcuts.
– Scrollable wide desktop with background parallax effect.

There are many changes users won’t directly see, but they will feel them.
I am of course speaking about performance. The software is noticibly faster and has a smaller memory footprint.

– Jorge

Mimiria GW4 presentation [kvaleberg, June 30, 2008]

Presentation of the Mimiria software solution from Kvaleberg for the Wistron GW4 cellphone

Kvaleberg AS delivers complete software solution to Taiwan handset manufacturer [from SmarterPhone/Kvaleberg press releases]

Oslo, 18 July 2008) Kvaleberg AS has delivered the Mimiria Software Suite to Taiwan manufacturer Wistron NeWeb’s (WNC) GW4 handset. The delivery represents a significant milestone on Kvaleberg’s development effort, and demonstrates the unique advantages Mimiria provides for handset manufacturers.

The handset will be available commercially in Wistron’s key markets, and simultaneously provides Kvaleberg with a reference handset model. Porting the Mimiria software suite was completed in record time, and takes advantage of all the functionality available on the handset. Normally it takes 9 – 18 months to develop fully functional software for a new handset hardware design. By virtue of Mimiria, the process took under 3 months for the GW4.

We are very pleased with the cooperation with Wistron, and are proud of the excellent performance and intuitive user interface we have created for Wistron’s handset, says Egil Kvaleberg, Managing Director of KvalebergAS.

Kvaleberg as our partner has good experience with software suites in the mobile industry and Kvaleberg’s Mimiria Software Suite provides highly flexible solutions that allow us to cost effectively pursue multiple markets, said Wilson Zhang, Senior Director of WistronNeWeb Corp.

The GW4 is a feature rich hardware platform which enables demonstration of the central capabilities of the Mimiria Software Suite. In comparison with traditional feature phones, the model distinguishes itself by having a touch screen, full QWERTY keypad, and WLAN capability.

Mimiria is a complete, turnkey, pre-integrated software suite in which all components of mobile phone software are included. Customers get access to a package that can run on any mobile phone hardware platform and operating system with a minimum of integration work. The solution is designed so that the user interface can easily be adapted to any operator or manufacturer requirements.

Kvaleberg has also added operator specific user interfaces to the GW4. The adaption took three weeks from start to finish. It proves that Wistron can quickly provide the GW4 to demanding mobile phone operators in Europe or the United States.

Kvaleberg mainly provides Mimiria to mobile phone manufacturers in Asia who want to launch their models in North America and Europe. Kvaleberg AS has sales offices in China, San Diego, Korea and Taiwan. The main office is located in Oslo, Norway.

Kvaleberg receives EUR 2 million in funding from Ferd Venture [June 6, 2007]

Ferd Venture invests EUR 2 million in Kvaleberg AS, a software company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. The company has developed a new and fully integrated software application suite for mid- and low tier mobile phones (feature phones). The purpose of the funding round is to accelerate international expansion.

Kvaleberg offers mobile phone manufacturers an integrated software suite containing all applications needed in addition to those supplied by the chipset manufacturers. This includes all end user applications one would expect from a mobile phone today. Kvaleberg’s offering makes it possible to reduce development cycles by 50% while ensuring compliance with the most stringent requirements from mobile operators.

– We strongly believe in the demand for Kvaleberg’s software solution. It targets the larger part of the mobile phone market and will be important to phone manufacturers in both mature and emerging markets, says Bjørn Erik Reinseth – responsible partner at Ferd Venture.

Kvaleberg has worked with leading international players in the business, including OpenWave, NEC and Broadcom, and is known as one of the best development teams in mobile software and software integration. The company’s main competitors are the internal development programs within the phone manufacturers, but the company believes there will be a gradual move towards standardised software solutions.

The funds will be used to strengthen both the sales and service capabilities internationally. In addition to the HQ in Oslo and an office in the US, Kvaleberg will also establish representation in Asia.

– We are very pleased with attracting Ferd Venture as an investor in Kvaleberg and especially appreciate the added competence on business development, says Egil Kvaleberg, founder and CEO of the company. Lars Øberg will serve as Chairman of the Board.

About Kvaleberg AS
KvalebergASwas founded by CEO Egil Kvaleberg in 1993. Through cutting edge mobile software application competence and insight the company has become internationally acknowledged as solid suppliers of top quality products. Historically, the company has focused on professional services, but will now focus on it’s integrated software application suiteaimed at mobile phone producers.

The company is headquartered in Oslo, has 13 employees and is owned by Ferd Venture and management.

Visit www.kvaleberg.no for more information.

World-class software [July 3, 2007]

Turnkey software solutions for mobile telephone manufacturers represent a specialised but large and growing market. Kvaleberg AS offers world-class solutions.

In order to understand how Kvaleberg AS works, we need to look at how international mobile telephone manufacturers operate. Here we see that the bigger well-known companies are committing a lot of resources to developing expensive “smart” handsets with advanced functions, while handsets in the budget and medium price classes have become more or less standardised in terms of features and functionality. Accordingly, well-known manufacturers (such as Motorola and Sony-Ericsson) are increasingly turning to independent specialists to develop and manufacture their handsets in the budget and medium price classes. This can be a very cost-effective solution with short development lead times, partly because the specialists produce more or less the same product for a number of customers. Handset models are then tailored for the particular customer, with some minor differences in appearance and user interface – and of course the customer’s well-known brand name.

“Original Design Manufacturer” or ODM is the industry term for these independent suppliers, most of which are based in the Far East. They are often large companies, but names such as Lenovo, Arima, and Compal, are relatively little known even though they account for a large and increasing portion of the one billion mobile handsets sold every year.

Outsourcing on the increase
“Many ODMs have decided to outsource the development of handset software, and this is where Kvaleberg AS comes into the picture as an attractive partner. Since its launch in 1993, the company has become a widely recognized advisor, offering one of the world’s leading development environments for mobile handset software and software integration. Kvaleberg has now capitalised on this position to develop a complete turnkey software suite offering all the usual applications that consumers now expect from their mobile handsets”, explains Bjørn Erik Reinseth.

Advance software
The software suite can be quickly and easily customised for different user interfaces, hardware solutions and functionality. It is often the case that up to 90% of the software can be reused when a new handset model is developed, and this reduces the normal development period of 12 to 18 months to between 6 and 9 months.

“ODMs operate in a market where competitiveness depends on the speed of innovation, making software a critical factor. Mobile network operators impose strict requirements, while at the same time inexpensive handsets make it all the more important to make best use of processing and storage capacity. This is the area in which Kvaleberghas developed world-class expertise and solutions”, addsBjørn Erik Reinseth.

Software refinements and marketing
Ferd Venture
has invested NOK 15 million in Kvaleberg. The company intends to use the new financing for sales and marketing and for the last stages of refining the software suite that it plans to launch this autumn. The company currently has 16 employees, with its head office in Oslo and an office in California. Work is now under way on opening an office in Taiwan, which is a central location for the majority of the company’s customers. The investors in the company other than Ferd Venture are the founder Egil Kvaleberg and certain employees.

Bjørn Erik Reinseth was responsible for work on the Kvaleberg investment, with Annar Bøhn and Pål M. Rødseth making up the team.

Series B investment [from SmarterPhone/Kvaleberg press releases]

(Oslo, 25 January 2011) Smarterphone today announced the completion of a Series B investment of 5 million USD by Ferd Capital, a privately-owned Norwegian industrial and financial group.

Smarterphone, formerly Kvaleberg AS, is the creator of the mobile handset software Smarterphone OS that enables mobile phone manufacturers to build and sell 3G smart phones at a low cost in high volume markets.

“We believe that Smarterphone could become the Wal-Mart of mobile handsets“, said Bjørn Erik Reinseth, Partner of Ferd Capital. “Apple iPhone and Android-based phones have paved the way for smart phones worldwide, however, they require sophisticated hardware and therefore become too expensive for most people in the world. Smarterphone are able to build the advanced features of these high-end phones in low cost 3G handsets, thereby making every phone smart“.

One of the key focus areas of Smarterphone is the concept of the smart mobile phone as a seamless integration of all modern means of communication into one device, always available. “Taking a picture and immediately sharing it on your Facebook wall should be just as easy and natural as making a call or sending a text message,” said Egil Kvaleberg, Founder and CEO of Smarterphone. “With our solution, this kind of versatility is affordable for everyone.”

News [selectively from SmarterPhone/Kvaleberg press releases]

Kvaleberg enters into sublicense agreement with SinoVoice

(Oslo, 29 October 2009) Kvaleberg have today signed a licensing agreement with

 SinoVoice of Beijing, China. Handwriting recognition is considered to be an extremely important feature on handsets for the Chinese handset market, and this agreement allows Kvaleberg to offer the InfoQuick™ Chinese handwriting recognition software to customers all over Asia as part of Mimiria.

Kvaleberg signs licensing agreement with CooTek

(Oslo, 22 October 2009) Kvaleberg have today signed an agreement with

 CooTek of Shanghai, China. CooTek TouchPal offers predictive text input for over 20 languages, and input speeds of up to 450 characters per minute. Kvaleberg AS are extremely pleased with both the performance and memory footprint of the prediction engine, and with the support from the CooTek team. The agreement allows Kvaleberg to offer the CooTek TouchPal text entry and prediction product as a pre-integrated component of the Mimiria software solution

Nuance signs license and bundling agreement with Kvaleberg

(Oslo, 30 June 2009) Kvaleberg today signed an agreement with Nuance of Belgium, the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions, that allows Kvaleberg to offer the eZiText™ and eZiType™ mobile phone keypad text entry and prediction engine as integral parts of the Mimiria software solution.

Kvaleberg approved as Sun Value Added Provider for Java™ ME

(Oslo, 20 March 2009) Kvaleberg today was approved by Sun Microsystems as a Value Added Provider for components in the Java Platform, Micro Edition like CLDC, MIDP, WMA and MMAPI. The agreement allows Kvaleberg to integrate and configure Java ME on devices together with the Mimiria platform, as Wireless Performance Packs. Additionally, Kvaleberg takes full responsibility for the Java compliance process, including carrying out the TCK testing process. This agreement allows Kvaleberg to offer a full one-stop-shop for Mimiria, including the Java ME solution, further strengthening the value provided to the Mimiria customers.

Kvaleberg signs agreement with Obigo

Kvaleberg have now signed a licensing agreement with South Korean

 Obigo. The agreement allows Kvaleberg to offer the Obigo Q7 Browser in combination with the Mimiria software solution. The Obigo Q7 Browser is a very capable browser for modern Full Internet content. The Obigo browser also supports WAP, and is compliant with demanding operator’s requirements. It is thus a perfect component for Mimiria, which is aimed at mass-market 3G phones.

Kvaleberg AS partners with SmarterPhone

Kvaleberg AS to integrate SmarterPhone into Mimiria (Oslo, Norway 16 February 2008)

Kvaleberg AS announced today that they have signed a contract with SmarterPhone that will allow them to integrate SmarterPhone’s Unified Messaging Engine (UME) into Mimiria, Kvaleberg’s turnkey software suite for mobile phones. This partnership will allow Kvaleberg’s customers a wider choice, giving access to SmarterPhone’s capabilities for SMS, MMS, Email, and instant messaging in its flagship software, Mimiria.

About Kvaleberg AS

Kvaleberg AS, a software development company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, was founded in 1993 by Egil Kvaleberg and employs 24 developers. Mimiria is Kvaleberg’s flagship software, which is a turnkey suite of mobile phone software and applications offering a complete solution for handset manufacturers. Kvaleberg AS has sales offices in San Diego, California; Beijing, China; and Taiwan. For more information on Kvaleberg AS or Mimiria, contact Audun Føyen at +47 918 42 168 or send an email to audun@smarterphone.com. Kvaleberg’s Web site can be found at www.smarterphone.com.

About SmarterPhone

SmarterPhone is a provider of innovative software solutions for mobile devices, specializing in embedded messaging software. Available in an SDK, its Unified Messaging Engine (UME) allows OEMs to deliver an exceptional messaging experience to the user, while reducing integration costs and speeding time-to-market. For more information about SmarterPhone, contact Zim Kalinowski at +44 789 99 135 63 or send an email to zim@smarterphone.com. SmarterPhone’s Web site can be found at ume.smarterphone.com.

Kvaleberg signs license and distribution agreement with Beep Science

Kvaleberg AS has signed a license and distribution agreement with Beep Science AS for Beep Science OMA DRM 2.0. This enables Kvaleberg to pre-integrate Beep Science’s industry leading OMA DRM 2.0 technology into the Mimiria applications suite.

About Beep Science

Beep Science AS is a leading provider of mobile Digital Rights Management (DRM) software solutions, enabling exciting new digital content services around the world. Founded in 2000, the company has established itself as internationally recognized specialist within the field of Mobile DRM. Beep Science provides DRM clients to device manufacturers and platform vendors and DRM servers to mobile operators and service providers. Beep Science’s DRM products are based on Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) industry standards as well as supporting other DRM schemes in the market. The company’s customers include major ODMs and OEMs and mobile operators worldwide. For further information, please visitwww.beepscience.com.

Kvaleberg signs license and distribution agreement with Openwave Systems Inc

Kvaleberg AS has signed a master license and distribution agreement with Openwave Systems, Inc. for the Openwave® Mobile Browser, the Openwave V7 Framework, the Openwave SMS/EMS/MMS Client and Openwave AirTX Predictive Text. This enables Kvaleberg to make this world-leading Openwave portfolio of mobile handset solutions part of its complete, pre-integrated Mimiria application suite. The agreement allows Kvaleberg to offer its customers a complete one-stop shopping solution for mobile handset software.

About Openwave

Openwave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OPWV) is the leading independent provider of open software solutions for the communications and media industry. Openwave software solutions are designed to enable customers to accelerate ARPU by rapidly launching value-added communication, information and entertainment services across networks and devices, and comprise a broad range of solutions including content delivery, messaging, music, video, and location. Openwave is a global company headquartered in Redwood City, California. For more information please visit www.openwave.com.



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  4. […] on the above diagram. As described in the post its software optimization is based on the unique Smarterphone end-to-end software solution for “the next billion” Nokia users [‘Experiencing the Cloud, Jan 9-11, 2012], while its web optimization on an even more unique […]

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