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First Nokia WP7 in Q4 via an ODM route from Compal

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3.5G...3.9G level mobile Internet
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Core information:


Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone 7) value proposition [Oct 26, 2011]
Note: the “affordable” Nokia Lumia 710 is the one produced by Compal (the 800 is by Nokia itself)

Update [Aug 17, 2011]:
–  @mechaghost Elbert Perez [his website: http://www.occasionalgamer.com/ see also: here]
I caught you Nokia 800 and Acer M310 on my reporting page. #wp7
3 hours agovia Twitter for Windows Phone
Why Nokia coming to Windows phone is a huge deal [Aug 14, 2011]
Nokia Teams Up With Polar to Launch Over 300 Mobile Apps for Major Media Brands Globally  [Aug 17, 2011]:

Nokia (www.nokia.com) has entered into an agreement with Polar Mobile (www.polarmobile.com) to launch over 300 mobile apps for Nokia smartphones over the next 12 months. Polar Mobile will be launching apps on Nokia smartphones for over 300 top tier media brands globally, including the likes of Wired UK, Kompas, Advertising Age, Globe and Mail, Shanghai Daily and 7DAYS. The apps will be made available to consumers of Nokia’s Symbian smartphones, the recently announced Nokia N9 and future Nokia with Windows Phone devices.

DroidUser999 says: … What happened to Nokia-MS Party on Aug 17th. Did they announce anything?[August 17, 2011 at 12:42 pm]

Taigatrommel says: August 17, 2011 at 6:38 pm

It was said they’d have a “small portfolio of devices” ready this year for small launch on limited regions.

I think they talked about a touch-only phone as well as one with a keyboard. So this small portfolio would include two different devices.

– More information: Nokia’s North America centric approach for Windows Phone 7 [Aug 11, 2011]
– More information (for the gaming and entertainment space): Nokia Windows Phone to debut on August 17 at the huge gamescom 2011 event [Aug 3, 2011 with updates up to Aug 20, 2011]

End of update

@dnystedt Dan Nystedt
Nokia supplier, Compal, to start shipping Windows Phone 7 smartphones to Nokia in September, total 2 million in Q4, Taiwan media say.
12 Augvia web

Mango phones to compete with new iPhone in September [July 29, 2011]

Branded handset vendors including HTC, Samsung Electronics, and LG Electronics all plan to launch Microsoft’s Mango-based smartphones in September, competing neck and neck with the forthcoming iPhone which is also slated for the same month, according to industry sources.

Other vendors to unveil Mango phones at the recently concluded Microsoft’s 2011 WPC (Worldwide Partner Conference) included Acer, ZTE and Fujitsu Toshiba, the sources indicated.

In cooperation with Fujitsu Toshiba, Japan-based mobile carrier KDDI has unveiled its first Mango phone, the IS12T, which features a Qualcomm MSM 8655 processor, 3.7-inch touch screen and 13.2-megapixel camera.

HTC is expected to roll out a number of Mango phones, powered by Qualcomm 1.5GHz single-core CPUs with display sizes ranging from 3.8- to 4.7-inch, the sources noted.

Nokia is expected to unveil its first batch of Mango phones at Nokia World 2011 to be held in October, at a time when fellow vendors have already heated up the market for Mango phones, which will probably be a good strategy for the handset vendor, commented the sources.

Nokia, China Mobile open the Windows [Aug 13, 2011]

Colin Giles, executive vice-president of Nokia Corp, who is in charge of the company’s global sales, said Nokia has always been committed to China Mobile’s Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA) technology – the first globally recognized 3G telecommunications standard, led by China.

Giles made the remarks at a news briefing in Beijing on Friday, when China Mobile, the world’s biggest telecom carrier by users, officially launched the commercial version of Mobile Market-Nokia store, a joint-brand mobile application outlet, for Chinese TD-SCDMA mobile-phone users.

However, Giles did not reveal further details of Nokia’s TD-SCDMA Windows phones and the launch date was not disclosed.

Nokia is winding down its use of the Symbian operating system to focus on developing Windows phones with Microsoft at the US-based company’s facility in San Diego, California. It plans to deliver the first batch of Windows Phone 7 smartphones in the second half of this year.

“We will continue to introduce a diversified portfolio of TD-SCDMA devices and services,” Giles said, referring to the relationship with China Mobile as one between the world’s leading operator and leading mobile phone manufacturer.

Compal Communications smartphone shipments to be boosted by Nokia orders [June 28, 2011]

Taiwan-based ODM maker Compal Communications shipped only 3.91 million smartphones in 2010 and has downward adjusted 2011 target shipment volume from 6.0 million smartphones to 4.5 million, but stands a chance of shipping 10-15 million smartphones through reliance on Nokia, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

Compal’s shipments of Android, WebOS and Windows Phone 7 (WP7) smartphones to Nokia, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard (HP)and Acer in the first quarter of 2011 accounted for 70% of total shipments and 85% of total revenues, the sources indicated.

Compal has relatively strong R&D capabilities among Taiwan-based handset ODM makers as well as supporting resources from the Compal Group, but many ODM orders for smartphones are in too small volumes to reach an economy of scale, the sources said.

As Compal will begin shipping Mango (an update edition of WP7) smartphones to Nokia in the fourth quarter of 2011, Compal is likely to see a large increase in ODM orders from Nokia in 2012 if Mango smartphone models sell well in the global market and Nokia keeps downsizing its in-house R&D staff and strengthen ODM partnership with Compal, the sources analyzed. If so, Compal is expected to obtain orders for Mango smartphones from other vendors as well, such as Acer and LG Electronics, the sources indicated.

Compal has signed with Microsoft for licensed use of the Mango platform and Tango, a platform to succeed Mango, the sources noted.

Compal Communications lowers 2011 handset shipments target; signs WP7 licensing agreement with Microsoft [June 24, 2011]

Compal Communications has lowered its handset shipments target for 2011 to 4.5 million units from six million projected earlier due to adjustments in product strategies by its clients, according to company chairman Ray Chen.

However, Compal will continue moving forward with its ongoing policy of migrating to the production of smartphones, stated Chen.

Compal shipped 3.9 million handsets in 2010, with smartphones accounting for 43% in shipment volume and 72% in total revenues. In the first quarter of 2011, handset shipments totaled 760,000 units, with smartphones accounting for 70% in volume and 85% in revenues.

Smartphones will make up nearly 100% of the company’s handset shipments by the fourth quarter of 2011, making Compal the largest smartphone ODM in Taiwan, Chen stated.

In other news, Compal has signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft for the use of Windows Phone 7. Prior to reaching an agreement with Compal, Microsoft had signed similar licensing agreements with seven companies: Nokia, HTC, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE, all brand vendors.

Compal will build up a foundation based on the WP7 platform that will enable it to shorten time to market for customized smartphoneswhile expanding the pool of Windows Phone-based clients, Chen commented.

Actually, Compal has already landed some orders for Windows Phone 7-based smartphones from Nokia with shipments to begin in the fourth quarter of 2011, according to industry sources. Compal will also solicit Windows Phone orders from Acer.



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  2. […] More information: First Nokia WP7 in Q4 via an ODM route from Compal [Aug 13, 2011, with updates up to Aug 17, […]

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