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Nokia Windows Phone to debut on August 17 at the huge gamescom 2011 event

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Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone 7) value proposition [Oct 26, 2011]
Note: the “affordable” Nokia Lumia 710 is the one produced by Compal (the 800 is by Nokia itself)

DroidUser999 says: … What happened to Nokia-MS Party on Aug 17th. Did they announce anything? [August 17, 2011 at 12:42 pm]

Taigatrommel says: August 17, 2011 at 6:38 pm

It was said they’d have a “small portfolio of devices” ready this year for small launch on limited regions.

I think they talked about a touch-only phone as well as one with a keyboard. So this small portfolio would include two different devices.

– More information: – Nokia’s North America centric approach for Windows Phone 7 [Aug 11, 2011]

@dnystedt Dan Nystedt
Nokia supplier, Compal, to start shipping Windows Phone 7 smartphones to Nokia in September, total 2 million in Q4, Taiwan media say.
12 Aug via web

– More information: First Nokia WP7 in Q4 via an ODM route from Compal [Aug 13, 2011, with updates up to Aug 17, 2011]

GIGA Tech Gamescom Special – Zu Gast bei Microsoft Xbox Live [Aug 20, 2011] (only the short intro is in German!)

Microsoft Unveils Mango’s New Games Hub Features And Xbox Live Titles [Aug 16, 2011]

… today Microsoft announced Avatar Awardables, which are virtual badges that represent gaming achievements. The more you win, the more your avatar begins to look like an Eagle Scout’s merit badge sash. Microsoft also introduced what the company is calling Game Add-ons, which are basically just in-app purchases for games, like buying new weapons or levels.

The next new feature will please parents more than anyone else, as Microsoft has included parental controls within the Games Hub.

Nokia Teams Up With Polar to Launch Over 300 Mobile Apps for Major Media Brands Globally  [Aug 17, 2011]:

Nokia (www.nokia.com) has entered into an agreement with Polar Mobile (www.polarmobile.com) to launch over 300 mobile apps for Nokia smartphones over the next 12 months. Polar Mobile will be launching apps on Nokia smartphones for over 300 top tier media brands globally, including the likes of Wired UK, Kompas, Advertising Age, Globe and Mail, Shanghai Daily and 7DAYS. The apps will be made available to consumers of Nokia’s Symbian smartphones, the recently announced Nokia N9 and future Nokia with Windows Phone devices.

End of updates

The invitation sent out by Nokia and Microsoft this week:
nokia_microsoft_gamescon_party_invitation for Aug 17 - 2011
is saying:

Save the date.

Nokia & Microsoft party.

For the beginning of games week in Cologne, we would like to celebrate with you in a special location.

A live act and great dj’s guarantee amazing sounds. Exciting actions and surprises will make it an event to remember.

An invitation with more details will follow soon.

> Competition
We raffle

3x Xbox 360 250 GB console with Kinect
3x Nokia with Windows Phone (as soon as available)

The last sentence makes it clear that “Nokia with Windows Phone” might not be available by the time of “games week in Cologne”. It is also made clear, however, by the very fact of this joint Nokia & Microsoft party (note also the order of company names!) that this will be the first public showing of the Windows Phone from Nokia.

Keep in mind that at an earlier Singapore event for the local Nokia employees the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 device has already been shown. See the 2nd embedded video in Engadget’s Nokia’s first Windows Phone: images and video, codenamed ‘Sea Ray’ [June 23, 2011] post which came from a 3d party video record. And that seems to be very much an intentional leakage (although the YouTube version has been made inaccessible on request from Nokia).

There is also a kind of clarification in RUMOR: Nokia to launch its first Microsoft Windows Phone mid of August? No! [UPDATE] [Aug 1, 2011]:

As of yesterday, we’ve received further information and according to them, it’s not a launch event at all but should engage (games) developers to the Windows Phone platform as well as to Nokia and Microsoft. It wasn’t confirmed that there won’t be a Nokia Windows Phone on some kind of display but I could imagine anyway that Nokia might give a first public sneak-peek anyway.

Now, what is gamescom 2011? This is:

The world’s largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment

with the tag line of:

Celebrate the games

held in:

Cologne, 17.-21-08.2011, open for everyone: 18.-21.08.2011

For trade visitors [i.e. “everyone”]

gamescom 2011 is the world’s largest trade and media platform in the game sector. More information for trade visitors

For exhibitors [for whom also the first day, Aug 17 has ben reserved as a closed one]

gamescom 2011 is the ideal place to establish and maintain business relations. More information for exhibitors

as per the home page [Aug 18, 2008] of this series of events.

According to the last year’s gamescom 10: Final report [Aug 23, 2010]:

This Sunday the second run of gamescom – the largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games – successfully came to a close. A total of 254,000 visitors experienced over 200 world, European and
German premieres on five spectacular trade fair days. At the leading European trade fair in Cologne, 505 exhibitors from 33 countries(2009: 458/31) presented their product innovations, including the hardware enhancements “Kinect” (Microsoft), “Move” (Sony) and the topic of fascinating 3D trends, which provide new momentum for the market of interactive entertainment.

Of the 505 exhibitors, 230 companies alone came from abroad(+15%), thus increasing the internationality of gamescom on the exhibitor side to 45.7% (2009: 43.8%). The team of all major national and international companies in the industry was almost fully represented.

and according to the No. 11 press release gamescom with successful interim result [April 19, 2011]

* Currently 20 percent more exhibitors than at the comparable point in time in 2010
* Notable exhibitors SEGA and Capcom to return to the highlight in Cologne
* First country-specific pavilion for Mexico

In addition to key players including, among others, Electronic Arts, DeepSilver, Konami, Namco Bandai, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Take-Two Interactive and Bethesda Softworks, leading online and browser games companies such as Frogster, NCsoft, Trion Worlds, Valve Corporation and hardware suppliers such as Hama, Razer and Bigben Interactive have registered.

More information has been regularly broadcasted as well, according to the No. 21 press release gamescom tv 2011 goes live today [July 15, 2011]

– First episode today, Friday, at www.gamescom-cologne.com, www.youtube.com/user/mygamescom and www.gamestar.de/gamescomtv2011/
– Presenters Annica Hansen and Nino Kerl provide comprehensive information on the largest trade fair and event highlight in interactive entertainment of the year 2011
– More entertainment thanks to new contents and English subtitles

In 11 episodes, gamescom tv 2011 will present all highlights of the largest games and entertainment event

Clearly the first, closed day of such an event is the ideal place to introduce Nokia’s new Windows Phone for the press as well as the exhibitors of the event. Especially so because gaming and entertainment are the biggest differentiators of the Windows Phone platform vs. the competition.

Because of the widely known connection to the Xbox platform via Xbox LIVE the gaming advantage is quite obvious. For entertainment 3d party views for ‘Mango’ version go as high as:

Windows Phone’s music experience is rivaled by none. Whether you are talking iOS or Android or Blackberry or WebOS, nobody does music playback and discovery as well as the Zune offerings in Windows Phone.

Gaming is supported via the new Games Hub while entertainment via  the new Music +Video Hub. Below are a couple of notable video demos as well as detailed information about those two enhanced and redesigned hubs for Windows Phone 7, ‘Mango’ release:

Windows Phone Mango Games Hub Preview [June 18, 2011]

The Games hub has seen a total redesign and it looks fantastic. The collection listing has smaller game tiles now and the Xbox Live section now shows your fully animated avatar right away. Sometimes he’ll actually sneak off to other parts of the Games hub panorama when he gets bored. Your friends listing, messages, profile, and achievements are now all accessible right inside the Games hub. The Friends tile actually shows some of your friends’ avatars in the thumbnail and will change periodically. You can see which friends are online and compare their scores and achievements for each game. There’s no need to install the Xbox Live Extras app anymore… for those features. The Avatar customization features and Avatar Marketplace are not directly built in and will require the installation of the new Xbox Live Extras app (which is not available yet.)

In terms of the actual games, one of the features we’ve seen demoed was the instant resume while multitasking. Unfortunately we’ll need updated games that support the fast resume feature. Right now, with current games, they’ll essentially restart themselves and then resume while using the fast task switcher.

Website: http://pocketnow.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/pocketnowtweets
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pocketnow

Windows Phone Mango Music + Video Preview [June 18, 2011]

The Music + Videos hub has seen some pretty significant changes. The hub design has been slightly altered and now there’s a little “…” menu at the bottom like most other applications. The “play all” button has also been moved to the bottom. The History section is now a vertical scrolling list of square tiles rather than a horizontal panning list. The same is true with the “New” listing, and the “Marquee” of music/video apps that integrate with the Music + Videos hub is now called “Apps”.

You can tap and hold anything in the New or History section of the top-level hub in order to pin them to the start menu or (if supported) play a smart DJ mix. Unfortunately there are no “Add to Now Playing” menu commands here. It would be great if I could quickly make a playlist of the new music in my music hub, but instead you still have to navigate to the artist/album/song deep within the music library before you’ll find that “Add to Now Playing” command in a tap & hold menu.

The music, videos, and podcasts libraries are mostly the same as Windows Phone 7, however you’ll notice a couple new additions when you find an artist page. First of all the “Smart DJ” button is there at the top, and if you have a Zune pass that will create a mix of music that includes the artist you’re looking at along with streaming cloud music that really nicely goes along with that artist. You’ll also notice a new pivot tab for “Related” artists. This is another excellent feature that was imported from the Zune HD. The related tab will show nice artist tiles from musicians that you might also like if you like the one you’re looking at. This is a great way to discover new music.

Website: http://pocketnow.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/pocketnowtweets
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pocketnow

Space Shuttle Landing Mission in Infinite Flight 1.8 for Windows Phone [July 21, 2011]

The Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down this week, marking the end of a era for NASA and manned space flight. The good news: Atlantis is alive and well on Windows Phone. To commemorate the final shuttle flight, Flying Development Studio has released a new update for its popular and highly-regarded flight sim, Infinite Flight. Here’s a peek. This is a video of one of the missions in Infinite Flight 1.8, the Space Shuttle Landing!

Find out more at http://www.flyingdevelopmentstudio.com
Download at: http://www.infinite-flight.comor by searching for “Infinite Flight” in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

WP7 Game Review: Tentacles (WMPowerUser.com) [July 21, 2011]

This is a Windows Phone 7 video review of Tentacles, reviewed by Andrew Bares from http://wmpoweruser.com

See more: Tentacles: An exclusive game to be proud of! [July 22, 2011]

Title: Tentacles
Price: $4.99
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Windows Phone 7 Mobile Games | ilomilo [Feb 4, 2011]

One of our most popular mobile games on Windows Phone, ilomilo is a puzzle game where the player controls two friends named ilo and milo. This fun game requires players to use a great deal of three dimensional thinking to reunite ilo and milo and win.

To download ilomilo, visit the Windows Phone app marketplace: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/apps/paid-apps.aspx

See also: This week’s Deal of the Week–Ilomilo [Aug 3, 20110]:

Ilomilo is one of the cutest games on Windows Phone 7 and also may have some of the best graphics.

The Windows Phone 7 launch title has been selling for $4.99 but has been announced as this week’s Deal of the Week, so will see a temporary drop in price soon.

The game scored a very solid 5/5 in Presentation, Gameplay and also scored 5/5 for its overall score in our full review here, and is of course an Xbox Live title, so if you have not picked it up yet now may be a good time.

Ilomilo can be found in Marketplace here.

Windows Phone 7 Mobile Games | Krashlander [Feb 4, 2011]

This is a physics-powered mobile game with epic crashes. You are Krashlander. Armed with only your krash-suit and a pair of skis, it is your mission to blast down snowy mountains, jump over gaping crevices, and lay some hurt on any robots you find. Krash well my friend!

To download Krashlander or other related Windows Phone games, visit the Apps Marketplace: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/apps/paid-apps.aspx

Xbox LIVE | Windows Phone 7 [Jan 11, 2011]

Preview the new mobile games coming to Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone 7. You’re always in the game with Xbox LIVE on your Windows Phone.

Learn more about Xbox LIVE on your WP7: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/apps/xbox.aspx

Fresh from E3: Xbox LIVE enhancements and new games for Windows Phone [Windows Phone Blog, June 6, 2011]

I know all of the gamers out there have been eagerly following all of the news coming out of the E3 expo in Los Angeles [games and voice]. Of course, I am partial to Xbox news especially when it comes to new stuff for Windows Phone. With that, I am stoked to announce some new Xbox LIVE functionality coming in the release of Windows Phone code-named Mango, in addition to some awesome new game titles.

First off, soon you’ll find an update to the Xbox LIVE Extras app, this is the new Avatar Marketplace! Now, you have more options to customize your Avatar with a wide range of props and clothing right on your phone.


Coming later this year in Mango is more native support of Xbox LIVE features in the Games Hub like:

  • See your played games and unlocked/locked Achievements
  • Compare Achievements with other Xbox LIVE members
  • Search your list of friends to see who is online and what they are doing
  • See your Xbox LIVE messages and Send/Accept/Reject friend requests

GameHub_gold_lite_052011_L3 (3)

But what would the kickoff of E3 be without some new games to announce? This new line-up of Xbox LIVE games for Windows Phone will be available later this year; four of which will be available exclusive to Windows Phone! Here’s a snapshot of the games we will be previewing this week:

“Beards & Beaks” (Windows Phone exclusive!):Developed by the award-winning team at Microsoft Game Studios, “Beards & Beaks” is an all-out turf war between gnomes and crows that knows no bounds. A race of treasure heisting, a ballet of gnome flicking, and a natural disaster of very unbecoming behavior, this game is unlike any other!


“Hasta La Muerte” (Windows Phone exclusive!):In this unique 2D world, you are the emissary of death responsible for freeing souls of those whose time has come. Encounter trials, bosses and enemies in more than 30 worlds with the aid of “soulpets” in this thrilling quest.


Tentacles” (Windows Phone exclusive!): From Press Play, the creators of “Max & the Magic Marker,” this beautifully crafted game features Lemmy, a creepy yet adorable creature who navigates through 40 levels of madness attaching his tentacles to the environments with the tap of your finger. Enjoy groundbreaking, intuitive gameplay as you guide this eyeball-eating creature through boss fights and challenges and outrun Dr. Phluff’s acid attacks.


“Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne)” (Windows Phone exclusive!):This is not a typo. It’s an epic 3-pack of musically charged shooters from Ska Studios which includes: “I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES 1N IT!!!1,” “Time Viking,” and “ENDL3SS ZOMB1ES!!!1” – including original music and the ability to upload a friends (or foes) face onto your zombie enemies from your photo library!


“Let’s Golf”: Gameloft presents a fun new way to golf with eight fun 3D characters with super powers, customized golfers, 108 holes across 6 locations, an in-depth Career mode, and new challenges like Shoot Out.


“Splinter Cell”:In this game from Gameloft, play as Sam Fisher, a highly skilled Special Forces operative and fight a corrupted secret agency to get your daughter back. Follow a trail of intrigue that leads from Iraq to a high-security building in Washington. Run, jump, fight, and shoot using a handgun, shotgun, AK47 and bazooka, or maintain stealth by improvising with nearby objects.


“Top Gun”: Defend the skies in the most authentic first person jet shooter game on Windows Phone, courtesy of Paramount. Become one of the few to survive the Highway to the Danger Zone! Shoot down enemy jets, dodge incoming air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles, navigate dangerous environments and obliterate the enemy’s air power.


Some great new titles coming soon to Windows Phone! I’ll be honest, I am looking forward to donning my black skin suit and night vision goggles for some Splinter Cell action on the bus. In the coming weeks, look for a deeper drill down into the Games Hub to see what’s new and hear from some of the folks behind the scenes responsible for creating it. In the meantime, happy E3 week!

Upping our game: What’s new in the Games Hub for Mango [Windows Phone Blog, June 23, 2011]

I used to play games on my Xbox only on the weekends. Now that I work on and own a Windows Phone, I play them at least once a day. As a new “avid gamer” and one of the program managers behind the Games Hub, I’m excited to take you on a gamer’s tour of Mango, the next release of Windows Phone coming this fall.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Games Hub in Mango is its new look: A cleaner and lighter design that emphasizes your game collection and Xbox LIVE info—the heart of the hub. Responding to your feedback, we also made tweaks to improve the overall performance and speed.

Finally, the Games Hub in Mango now comes with many of the features previously found in the popular Xbox LIVE Extras app, such as 3D avatars with fun animations, a new Collection view, and more. Here’s a rundown of the changes.

The Games Hub in Mango has a new design and great new Xbox LIVE-friendly features.

Improved Collection view

When you download a game from Marketplace, it shows up in the Collection view of the Games Hub. Large icons now dominate this view. But we found this design forces some users to memorize icons to identify a game. The layout also isn’t currently consistent with the App list, located off the Start screen, where all your apps appear.

Since our guiding principle for Mango was making it easier for people to quickly and efficiently find the games they want to play, we’ve made some improvements.

In Mango, games are neatly organized in the same familiar alphabetical list view as your apps—icon on the left, name on the right. Once you’ve amassed more than 20 games—something that can happen pretty quickly on this Xbox-friendly phone—finding titles you play frequently can become a chore, requiring multiple swipes. Our customer research and your feedback told us people want to quickly and easily get back to recently-played games.

To fix that, in Mango we’re introducing a new Recent category. When your collection exceeds 20 games, the last three titles you’ve played now appear right up top, so you can get to favorites faster. (This has been very useful every time I find myself with a couple minutes to spare during the day!)

If you have a lot of games, you'll see the last 3 games you played in the Collection view.

New 3D avatars with attitude

We know how much Xbox LIVE users love their avatars. In the current release of Windows Phone, the Games Hub displays avatars as a static 2D image. To flesh out your alter ego with an extra dimension, you need the free Xbox Live Extras app from Marketplace.

In the past few months we’ve received a lot of feedback from people wishing 3D avatars would be the norm on the phone. We’ve heard you loud and clear! So you’ll be happy to know that in Mango, we’ve fully integrated 3D avatars into the Games Hub.

Avatars on the phone are also now more playful: They wave at you, yawn, and perform a host of other actions. Shake your phone and your avatar dances—or even faints. Bug your poor alter ego too much and it might lash out at you (I won’t spoil the surprise by saying what it does) or pull the Collection screen into view to hide behind (my personal favorite).

Avatars are now more lifelike and display more emotion.

Better Xbox LIVE experience

Besides better avatars, all the features previously found in the Xbox LIVE Extras app are now built into the Games Hub. These include:

  • Improved Xbox LIVE messaging: Read and reply to Xbox LIVE messages sent from another Windows Phone, a PC, or an Xbox console. We’ve also added more avatar delighters here. If a message contains certain emoticons (e.g. Smile, Sad smile), you’ll notice your avatar’s expression change to reflect that emotion! (If a sender overloads a message with conflicting emoticons, your avatar will look bewildered.)

Send and receive messages from your Xbox LIVE buddies!

  • Connect with Xbox LIVE friends: Find out if your Xbox LIVE friends are currently online through the friend status view. You can also search, browse, initiate, and respond to friend requests right from your Windows Phone 7.
  • Integrated achievements and new comparison views: See the recent games your friends have been playing, and compare gamerscores and achievements for all Xbox LIVE games played on the phone, console, or PC.

See all your Xbox LIVE achievements, and how they stack up against your friends. games_achv_compr

  • Edit your profile: Moved to a new city? Have a new motto in life? Now you can update your name, bio, motto, and location right from the phone.
  • Improved Spotlight content: We’ve improved the news and info delivered to you via Spotlight in the Games Hub. Your window to the Xbox LIVE community will now be complemented with rich and vibrant images!

The improved Spotlight feature now has eye-popping images to accompany game-related news and info.

  • Improved game request notifications: In Mango, you’ll receive notifications for multiplayer game or turn requests and can track them in the Requests section of the Games Hub.

In Mango, it's easier to track multiplayer game invites and turn requests.

It’s been fun to watch the new Games Hub go from concept to reality over the past year. I hope you’re as excited as I am about all the tweaks and improvements on the way for gamers in Mango—many of them inspired directly by your feedback. Let me know what you think!

Shirlene LimJune 24, 2011

Thanks for all the comments and feedback. Appreciate all the great suggestions and feature ideas. I’ll pass them on to the team for consideration in future releases. Here’s answers to some of the questions you had…

Q: Do we support push notifications for messaging on Xbox LIVE?

A: No, we do not support that for Mango. I agree it’ll be cool to have instant notification like we do for text and IM. We will look into this.

Q: What about real-time multiplayer support?

A: What about real-time multiplayer? Right now, we’re focused on delivering a great selection of Xbox LIVE games for WP7 and integrating the features that connect the community on mobile, like achievements. We currently offer asynchronous multiplayer functionality in certain Xbox LIVE games. We will continue to evolve and improve the experience in future releases.

Q: Any news on more countries being supported?

A: When Mango arrives in the fall, you’ll see a significant increase in the number of countries where Xbox LIVE service for Windows Phone is available. We’re not quite ready to announce the details yet – expect to hear more about this later this summer.

Q: Will there be a way to quickly sign in and out of different Xbox LIVE profile in the games hub or have support for multiple Xbox LIVE account?

A: No, not at this time.

Q: Will non Xbox LIVE games be integrated in the games hub?

A: Yes. You will find all games in your games hub regardless of whether they are Xbox LIVE or not.

A tour of the new Music +Video Hub [Windows Phone Blog, June 3, 2011]

From the beginning, the chief design principle for the Music+Videos Hub in Windows Phone was simple: make it easy to discover and consume the content you love.

In Mango, it only gets better.

The next release of Windows Phone introduces on-phone podcasts, new features like Smart DJ (my personal favorite), and loads of refinements and tweaks that make it easier to find and enjoy great music and video. As one of the program managers that helped conceive and design many of these new features (yes, I do get paid to listen to music all day), I thought it’d be fun to tell you not only what changes we’re making in Mango but also to give you a little insight into whywe’ve made them.

Podcasts now included

You can already listen to podcasts on your Windows Phone. The catch is you need your computer and the Zune software to actually browse and download them. In Mango, you can now do all this right on your phone (U.S. customers only). [See the comments section for explanation of this from Josh. –ed.]

In the Marketplace hub, you’ll see a new menu option: Podcasts. Tap it to see featured, top, or new podcasts and to browse by genre. Under genres, we’ve also added audio and video pivots, so you can find exactly the type of podcasts you’re interested in. You can also search for specific titles.

The new podcast Marketplace lets you browse and download podcasts right to your phone.In Mango, you'll be able to browse and subscribe to podcasts right on your phone.

Once you’ve found a podcast that interests you, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. I like Discovery Channel video podcasts but they tend to be quite large. No problem. In Mango, I can stream podcasts directly from Marketplace. Every once in a while, I want the latest episode of The Onion for a laugh but don’t need them all. That’s OK, I can download individual episodes.

I do, however, always want the latest DJ Tiesto podcast when I leave the house every Monday morning. Easy enough: I can subscribe to the series right on the phone and it will automatically download new episodes while charging overnight. Windows Phone will be the onlyphone to do this without a PC or third-party app!

When you subscribe to a podcast series, you control how many episodes you want to keep and what order the episodes play back. To save your battery life, new podcasts are downloaded only if your phone is connected to a power supply. To save your monthly phone bill, podcasts download over Wi-Fi by default (unlimited data plan customers, don’t worry: there’s a setting to change this).

If you’re already a hard-core podcast listener (like I’ve become since working on this feature), have no fear. Your existing subscriptions won’t be affected when you update to Mango. But you’ll now have the option of managing those subscriptions on your phone instead of your computer. (To make things as simple as possible, we don’t allow both the computer and phone to manage subscriptions.)

A DJ in your pocket

We all have those moments when we want to listen to some music. But not just anything. We want tunes that fit the mood. A new feature coming in Mango called Smart DJ is designed to provide just the right mix.

Smart DJ takes “seeds”—an artist, album, or song— and creates a music mix that’s similar using whatever songs it finds on your phone. If you have a monthly Zune Passmusic subscription, Smart DJ selects from the millions of tracks available in the Zune catalog.

We’ve sprinkled the Smart DJ feature all over the Music + Videos Hub: It’s available from artist cards, the music player, and every artist, album, and song in your collection via the tap-and-hold menu. Since we have a hunch that you’re really going to like Smart DJ mixes, we’ve add them to the History pivot and made them pinable to the Start screen, so you can quickly find favorite mixes again.

You'll find the new Smart DJ option sprinkled throughout the Music + Videos Hub in Mango.You'll find the new Smart DJ option sprinkled throughout the Music + Videos Hub in Mango.

Find stuff in Marketplace easier

We listen closely to customer feedback, and one of the things we heard loud and clear was that searching the Marketplace is sometimes painful due to the lack of auto suggestions and jumbled results. We’ve fixed both in Mango.

Now when you start typing in the Marketplace search box, you’ll see search terms appear. Search results are also now organized by content type (apps or games, music, or podcasts). We make it even simpler to find what you want by indicating exactly what each search result is—artist, album, song, or playlist, for example. Marketplace search is also context sensitive. Start a search from the podcast Marketplace and you’ll land right into the podcast results pivot. Same goes for music.

If you’re like me, you probably also love to discover new music. We’d made that possible in Marketplace now, too. In artist results, we followed in the Zune HD’s footsteps and added a Related pivot that lists similar artists.

Changes to the Music + Videos Hub

In addition to new features like podcasts and Smart DJ, we also made a ton of smaller but noticeable tweaks to the Music + Videos Hub, much based on customer research or feedback from you. Here’s a rundown of some of the more notable ones:

  • More discoverable playback options: Research showed we provided a great option—“shuffle all music”— that almost nobody knew we had! So we’ve moved the button and updated the icon to make it stand out. Ditto for the old Rate, Shuffle, and Repeat playback options, which were hidden behind album art. In Mango, they’re front and center.

For Mango, we've made many controls easier to find, like the "shuffle all music" option at bottom.

  • Improved History and New: These areas are designed to make it easier to find and play content. But usability studies taught us the horizontal layout and 8-item limit slowed people down. So in Mango, we’ve gone vertical— and added room for 25 items.
  • Better mini-playback control: We noticed people were having trouble tapping the small buttons of our handy mini-playback control. Now when you tap the volume button on your phone you’ll see bigger, easier-to-tap music controls as well as the artist name and what’s playing. Tap on that info to launch the full music player and  turn on options like shuffle or repeat.
  • New lock-screen options: We thought it would be handy if you could easily control your music player while your phone is locked, so in Mango you’ll find playback controls there.
  • New artist wallpapers: We also figured music lovers would like to see those great artist images in the Music + Videos Hub show up as wallpaper on the lock screen. In Mango, that’s now a settings option. (We keep this one off by default, since it does have a small impact on your battery life).

We also made a bunch of tweaks to the music player itself. These include:

  • Better playback controls: The playback controls are bigger and are now aligned with the mini-playback control—so your thumbs always know where to go.
  • Better artist images: We found that the background artist images were sometimes too bright, which made some controls hard to see. Our design team worked hard to find the right opacity for the images. The end result you’ll see in Mango has a great layered look and never interferes with the controls.
  • More playback info: We’ve added the artist name to the music player queue so that when you’re jamming to your new Smart DJ mix, you know exactly what’s up next.

In the Mango music player, buttons are bigger and easier to find; there's also more options and info.In the Mango music player, buttons are bigger and easier to find; there's also more options and info.

  • More playback options: Tap the Repeat button a couple of times and you’ll see the addition of a Repeat Once mode for those songs you just can’t get enough of.
  • New playlist option: Yep, that’s right—you can finallycreate playlists on your device. Add a mix of whatever you want to your queue or start a Smart DJ mix and save it as a playlist.
  • Better data management: In Mango, Zune Pass subscribers now see an icon on the phone when they’re listening to streamed music—so you always know when you’re consuming data.
  • More video options: Last but not least, for videos, we’ve added a full-screen toggle and video scrubbing (where supported) so you have quick access to the parts of your videos you love most—features we heard you ask for!

We appreciate all the feedback you gave us on the Music + Videos Hub over the past several months—and we want to hear more for Mango! Conceiving, designing and building these features has been a blast—but it’s even better when we get to watch our customers use and love them.

Josh Phillips, program manager, Windows Phone Engineering

Josh Phillips June 07, 2011

Wow!  Thanks all for the kudos and feedback – my apologies for the delayed response!  I see lots of questions and I’ll get to a few of the smaller ones later but I want to first address the podcast concerns that take up the lion’s share of the comments.

I should have been a little bit clearer on how podcasts work in both 7 and Mango.  Today, you can use the Zune PC software to subscribe to any podcast series, anywhere in the world that has Windows Phone in market, and consume them on your phone.  That option will not change with Mango but it will improve.  Once you have synced a series subscription from your PC to your phone (using the Zune software), you can have the phone manage the subscription by tapping the “subscribe” button on the series details screen – at which point, whenever new episodes are available they will automatically be directly to your phone – without a PC!  Again, this is for any podcast series, anywhere in the world with Windows Phone.   Additionally, in Mango and starting in the U.S., there will be a full-fledged podcast marketplace that you can browse right on the phone.  You will also be able to download or stream individual episodes and subscribe to a series without ever having to connect to a PC. We are working to bring this feature to other markets but the U.S. is the only market for which we can confirm support at this time.  There are lots of nuanced and unique regulations in each region and we have to make sure that we’ve dotted all our i’s and crossed all our t’s before we can bring an on-phone podcast marketplace to additional locales.

To summarize, you’ll still be able to enjoy podcasts all over the world with Mango but, once you’ve gotten the series from your PC to device, you won’t need a PC to get new episodes (yay!).  Additionally, if you’re in a region that has a supported marketplace, you’ll never need to use a PC at all as you can browse and subscribe to series right on the phone.   Stay tuned as we continue to invest in bringing new features and services to new markets. In the meantime, keep up the great feedback!  Thanks!

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