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Metro styled new entertainment experience on Xbox 360

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3.5G...3.9G level mobile Internet
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reflective display technologies

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Marvell SoC leadership
Android 2.3 & 3.0
Hanvon's strategy
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Core information:


Although not mentioned in any of the press materials (see the excerpts below) Microsoft has shown a brand new Xbox 360 UX interface in its E3 keynote today. It is based on the same Metro design language as Windows Phone 7 and other, including the latest ‘Windows 8’ UX. See more information about that in: Next-generation cloud client experiences based on the Metro design language [Jan 24]

Here are the screenshots of the new Xbox interface:

Xbox New Home
New Xbox Home

New Xbox Music

Xbox New Games
New Xbox Games

Xbox New Video
New Xbox Video

Xbox Bing for Discovery
Now joined by Xbox Bing: here for starting the discovery

Xbox Bing search results for voice introduced x-men
and here showing the search results for the voice introduced
‘X-Men’ keyword (the games and others with ‘X-Men’)

Xbox Live TV
Now joined by Xbox Live TV as well

The above screens of the new UX have beeen shown via voice activation on the scene and commented as:

Use your voice to find the entertainment [with the help of Xbox Bing].

… TV is more amazing when you are the controller.

At the same time navigation in the new UX has not been showm. First we could probably see that when Xbox Live TV service will be introduced in a month or so. Most likely we will have the new UX at the start of the holiday season when voice search is coming. See the following excerpt from one of the press materials:

Voice search with Bing on Xbox will become available this holiday season, as part of the Xbox LIVE update.

See more: Xbox 360: The Future Revealed – the already available recording of today’s morning show by Microsoft
(position to [1:04:44—1:10:45] to watch the above new UX in action)

Relevant excerpts from the press materials:

Xbox 360 Gives TV a New Voice — Yours [June 6, 2011] (emphasis is mine)

Microsoft Corp. today kicked off the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) by solving the challenge of finding the entertainment you want, quickly and easily. The solution: voice search with Bing on Xbox 360. Bing on Xbox searches Netflix, Hulu Plus and ESPN, as well as music, video and Xbox LIVE Marketplace to find exactly the entertainment you want to enjoy. With Bing on Xbox and Kinect for Xbox 360, you can effortlessly find the games, movies, TV shows, sports and music you want. You say it, Xbox finds it.

Over the past two years, Microsoft has joined with some of the world’s largest TV operators to bring live television to Xbox LIVE in the United Kingdom with Sky TV, in France with Canal+ and in Australia with FOXTEL. Now, Microsoft has announced its commitment to expand access to live television programming on Xbox 360 to more providers in the United States and around the world during the upcoming year. Consumers will enjoy news, sports and their favorite local channels, all just a voice command away, on Xbox 360. Also this year, Microsoft is teaming up with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)* to bring the depth of the world’s best mixed martial arts programming to Xbox LIVE.

Microsoft is building on its expansive catalog of tens of thousands of movies and TV shows available on demand from Hulu Plus, Netflix and Zune by bringing YouTube** to Xbox 360. You will gain access to great “Web original” content from around the world — the latest videos, gaming tips and a universe of compelling content. And for the first time ever, you can control YouTube videos just by using your voice. A great way to experience YouTube is now on Xbox 360.

Did you miss “The Social Network” in the theater? You will be able to simply tell your television what you want to watch and choose from the multiple sources on Xbox 360 that may be offering it live or on demand. Want to play the latest viral videos from YouTube from the comfort of your couch? Xbox 360 and the magic of Kinect make it as easy as using your voice. Xbox 360 brings together the entertainment you want, whether it’s movies, TV shows, music, sports, or your favorite games, available instantly with the command of your voice through Bing on Xbox 360 and Kinect.

Xbox LIVE Fact Sheet [June, 2011] (emphasis in bold is mine)

Xbox LIVE is the online entertainment service for your Xbox 360 console, connecting you to an ever-expanding world of games, movies, TV shows, music, sports, and ways to be social with family and friends. … Xbox LIVE is an active community of nearly 35 million people throughout 35 countries.

Better with Kinect. Compatible with every Xbox 360 console, Kinect for Xbox 360 makes you the controller. With Kinect, your voice is the remote control. Interact with your entertainment on Xbox LIVE through the sound of your voice or a wave of your hand. Kinect creates experiences that are familiar, intuitive and tailored for each game or entertainment experience.

Voice search. Finding the right entertainment is easy when you are the controller. Coming Holiday 2011, you say it, and Xbox finds it immediately, regardless of where your favorite entertainment resides across Xbox LIVE.4 Through the simplicity of Kinect and the intelligence of Bing on Xbox, you’ll have the ability to find entertainment content on your Xbox 360 system including games, movies, TV shows, sports and music.

Xbox: All-In-One Hub for the Living Room [June 6, 2011] (emphasis is mine)

“Last year, Xbox 360 changed the game with Kinect. This year with the power of Xbox, the simplicity of Kinect and the intelligence of Bing, Xbox 360 will change living room entertainment forever,” says Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business. “Combine all that we offer with great partners and a growing audience, and Xbox is poised to register another record year. This year Xbox 360 will go from being the number one selling console in North America to the number one selling console globally.”

At last year’s E3, Microsoft introduced the world to Kinect, which went on to become the fastest-selling electronic device in history. Though Microsoft doesn’t have a singular star like last year’s Kinect to showcase at E3, the so-called Super Bowl of the electronic entertainment industry, Molly O’Donnell, Xbox 360 director of marketing integration, says the company will show competitors, the media and fans that Xbox 360 “has a deep bench.”

“Last year with Kinect, you could say, ‘Xbox, play’ to start a movie or music, but we thought we’d take the power of voice to the next level,” O’Donnell says. “With voice search, you can say ‘Xbox, Bing, Harry Potter,’ and your Xbox will find all the Harry Potter content available to you on Xbox LIVE, whether it’s a game, a movie, or a soundtrack.”

Voice search with Bing on Xbox will become available this holiday season, as part of the Xbox LIVE update.



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