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ASUS Eee Slate based Windows marketing from Microsoft

Prerequisites (June 2015⇒):

Welcome to technologies trend tracking for 2015⇒2019 !!! v0.7
5G: 2015⇒2019 5G Technologies for the New Era of Wireless Internet of the 2020’s and 2030’s
Networked Society—WTF ??? v0.5
Microsoft Cloud state-of-the-art v0.7
• Service/telco for Networked Society
• Cloud for Networked Society
• Chrome for Networked Society
• Windows for Networked Society

Opportunity for Microsoft and its Partners in FY17:

As progressed since FY15:

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2010 – the 1st grand year of:

3.5G...3.9G level mobile Internet
• system-on-a-chip (SoC) and
reflective display technologies

Why viewed most (till Feb 1):

Marvell SoC leadership
Android 2.3 & 3.0
Hanvon's strategy
Welcome! or Home pages
Treesaver (LATELY #2!) and
IMT-Advanced (4G)

Core information:


Microsoft strategy is to show that the Windows slates will provide premium value over tablets from Apple and Google/Android. While there had been nothing available to exercise that for quite a long time (see: Windows slates in the coming months? Not much seen yet [July 13 – Oct 6, 2010]) the situation is quickly changing with the first real slate product, Asus Eee Slate EP121 coming out of the pre-order status this week.

So now we have the opportunity to observe how Microsoft is starting to build the targeted premium value proposition with current offerings while the real slate value will only be available in a year timeframe probably (with a kind of next generation Windows offering). It will be quite interesting to see what software and/or service additions will be probably delivered to strengthen the current “bare bone” momentum over the next months, especially in the MIX’11 timeframe.

To this day only 52 session abstracts have been published for MIX’11 out of the planned 130! So quite extraordinary things may come out from Microsoft this time! (Unlike what did not happen earlier. See my posts:
Windows 7 tablets/slates with Oak Trail Atom SoC in December
Windows 7 slates with a personal cloud based layered interface for touch-first HTML5 applications on the CES 2011)

Update: New Sessions Released – Web Platform, Web Standards and More (March 23, 2011): 14 in Web Platforms category and 12 in Web Standards. The overall 86 is still far from the planned 130! (The new ones were probably all from Microsoft.)

Microsoft started to push ASUS Eee Slate EP121 a month ago with the following video:

A date night is made possible by the flexibility of the ASUS Eee Slate. As a Windows 7 PC, it delivers everything you’d expect from a full powered Microsoft PC. Making it “Very PC.” Off its stand, it’s a sexy, touchscreen slate. Making it “Not Very PC.”

Then a week later came another video:

While a father plays a video game on an ASUS Eee Slate — a “Very PC” activity — his daughter turns the living room walls into a mural. He takes the slate from its stand and gives it to his daughter. The stylus capabilities transform the slate from a Windows 7 PC gaming console into a high-tech drawing tool — which is “Not Very PC.”

Two days later a much shorter version of that was released as well: Windows 7 Asus Slate PC “Drawing” Commercial :15 [March 4, 2011], seen in the very beginning.

Then two weeks later came a whole bunch of videos. The first ones were around three personas Microsoft probably found typical for the added values Windows slates are providing over Apple’s and Android’s tablets:

Moms have a lot on their plates these days- see how the Asus Eee Slate with Windows 7 can help make everything a little easier. From scheduling their day to sharing pictures with family, this tablet can help make it all a breeze.

With its perfect blend of technology and art– the Asus Eee Slate with Windows 7 can help artists do it all.

Why spend your time sitting at a desk when the Asus Eee Slate will let you take your blog on the go? Learn more about how Windows 7 can help you become a mobile publisher, no matter what you’re blogging about.

There were two other videos as well related more to the organisational type scenarios:

The Asus Eee Slate with Windows 7 isn’t all fun and games- it’s also a great way to keep a business organized and running smoothly. Learn more about how you can get the most out of your business with the Asus Eee Slate and Windows 7!

Inspiration can be found anywhere, so you should be prepared to capture it while you are on any journey. The portable and powerful Asus Eee Slate with Windows Live will keep you connected — no matter where you may find yourself.

Please note that in the last video you can see using Asus Eee Slate in sunlight as well. In the artist persona video sunlight usability is also demonstrated although it is much less emphasized.

Then on March 20 Microsoft had the first customer review (emphasis is mine):

Best, Most Powerful Windows Currently Available
Posted March 20, 2011

PC is used as: My Secondary PC
Battery Life
4 / 5 4 / 5
Ease of Use
4 / 5 4 / 5
5 / 5 5 / 5
4 / 5 4 / 5

Great tablet PC.

I was surpised at how well the touch and pen work – so well I have never bothered to hook up the included bluetooth keyboard. The experience is great especially with IE9, OneNote, and Outlook.

Having the pen for notes and drawing is great. The integrated Watcom digitizer is very precise and the handwriting recognition is pretty amazing and fast. Palm rejection works.

While it isn’t as small as the iPad having full Windows and the big display gives you full access to Outlook, everything on web, PC games, and so on. Between the fast processor and the SSD everything feels very responsive.

With IE9 the bigger screen and touch combine to make for a fantastic browsing experience.

Battery life is consistently about 4 hours [In specification it is just 3 hours]. When I use it intermittently during meetings it lasts me through most days. Heavy use and I have to plug it in at some point.

One minor design issue: if you use without the included case the edges feel sharp in your hands.

Overall it is pretty amazing that you can get a high-end tablet PC with a Core i5, multi-touch, Watcom pen input, and an SSD for just over $1000.

I would recommend this to a friend!

The marketing on the ASUS Eee Slate EP121 Pre-Order page is (note the recurring “It’s Very PC — It’s Not Very PC” theme already delivered in the above videos):

It’s Very PC

You can expect the power and compatibility of a full-powered PC because the Eee Slate features an Intel Core i5 processor, Windows 7, and up to 4 GB of RAM. See what else is Very PC about this PC:

Software you already know: Microsoft Outlook 2010, Quicken, and Photoshop Elements.

All of the benefits of Windows 7: Snap, Jump Lists, Flip 3D, Live Taskbar Previews and more.

An extraordinary screen: 175-degree viewing angles on a 12.1-inch, high-definition, ultra-tough Corning Gorilla Glass screen.

Free your (solid-state) hard drive: Access all your photos, movies, videos, and recorded TV on your home PC virtually anywhere with Remote Media Streaming in Windows 7 and a high-speed Internet connection.

Connect your devices: Connect virtually every device—cameras, printers, Xbox, TV—right out of the box with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, memory card slots, USB, and mini-HDMI ports.

Connect your PCs: Use HomeGroup to easily share printers and access and share files, photos, music, and video on two or more PCs running Windows 7 on your home network.

Get more games: Have more fun because many more games are available for PCs running Windows. And your slate PC can connect you to millions of opponents all over the world with Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live.

Connect to the whole web With Windows 7 and Windows Internet Explorer 9*, you can enjoy the web even more. IE9s SmartScreen filter helps protect you from fraudulent phishing websites and malware and works with the latest web technologies to deliver superior graphics and faster, smoother animations.

*The Eee Slate comes with Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer 9 is available with an additional download.

It’s Not Very PC

Once you take the Eee Slate off its stand, you can also expect infinite possibilities anywhere. Use the 0.67-inch capacitive multi-touch screen slate’s built-in stylus to compose email, convert handwritten notes to text, or illustrate in a variety of programs. See what else is Not Very PC about this PC.

Intuitive input for great output: Use the full-sized Bluetooth keyboard or write notes or sketch out ideas using the advanced pen and ink technology provided with the concealed stylus.

Share photos face to face: Video chat with Windows Live Messenger and a built-in front-facing camera and webcam that make you feel close to actually being there. And with Messenger, you can share photos with slide shows you both can see while you chat.

Connect with your content: The Asus Eee Slate comes with Windows Live Mesh installed, so you can keep files on it automatically synchronized with files you’ve created on any other PC running Windows 7. And you can log on to your other PCs remotely from your slate for free with just a high-speed Internet connection.

See whatever’s on the web: The Asus Eee Slate includes various touch applications available on Windows Product Scout, because the Eee Slate runs Adobe Flash. Access YouTube, Hulu, Netflix—if it’s online, it can be on your Eee Slate.

Entertainment and productivity at your fingertips: Browse online newspapers, flick through photo albums, and shuffle files and folders using nothing but your fingers on the touch-sensitive screen.

Turn your slate into the remote control: Stream photos, music, or home videos to entertainment devices around your home with Play To, and use Eee Slate as the command center to control it all.

TV, movies and books: Movies, e-books and games from nearly anywhere on the web. In fact, the Eee Slate comes pre-loaded with Amazon Kindle.

More information:
ASUS Eee Slate EP121 page on Shop: Windows PC Scout
– detailed announcement info in my earlier blog post (several places):  CES 2011 presence with Microsoft moving to SoC & screen level slot management that is not understood by analysts/observers at all [Jan 7-13, 2011]
ASUS Eee Slate article [February, 2011] delivering the starting components of the targeted premium value proposition:

  1. It’s a slate
  2. It’s a PC
  3. Type, swipe, or scribble
  4. Extraordinary entertainment
  5. Take your media along
  6. Any e-book, anywhere
  7. Gaming delight
  8. The web at your fingertips (showing IE9)
  9. Getting it done with Microsoft Office
  10. Fix up and share your pics
  11. It’s very PC. It’s not very PC.

ASUS Eee Slate 121



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